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Appen, a global AI leader, stands at the forefront with a network of over a million skilled contractors spanning 130 countries. We leverage cutting-edge AI-driven data annotation techniques to enhance AI systems for major tech companies and various industries. Our core values include a commitment to ethical AI and fostering a diverse and inclusive environment.

We're looking for individuals and families from various ethnic backgrounds to take part in our in-car video data collection project!

We have a new image data collection project that will be used to improve car-safety technology.
Like previous Sassafras projects, the data will be recorded in specially fitted Appen cars that capture the natural body movements of all occupants in a car.
Your task (or somebody who comes with you) will be to drive one of our cars for about 90 minutes. While driving, all you need to do is act naturally, as you would driving any other car. For example, look at the mirrors, set the radio, check the sat-nav or maybe even sing songs with your passengers (or at least talk to them!)
The route will be predetermined by Appen. In that time you will need to stop several times, take some in-car photos, change your appearance (hat/no hat, sweater/no sweater etc.) and even change seat positions. 
Please be aware that you will never be asked to perform anything dangerous while driving and that safety is our primary concern. 

In this Sassafras Project S, we encourage participants to bring their families, i.e. parents, kids, siblings or friends, and even pets. Recordings will be done with up to 5 occupants.

The data collected will be used for learning purposes to improve driver fatigue and driver distraction recognition technology.
Recordings will be scheduled from Mondays to Saturdays to make it a little easier to bring children.
Some recordings will take place at dusk or night.


Fixed price of $150 cash for adult individuals 
Fixed price of $50 cash for children under 18 years of age
This project is paid by task and not at an hourly rate. 
The session will take approximately 120 minutes. This is an in-person project, therefore you must come to our location in Chatswood, Sydney area to participate in the project.
People who have participate in previous Sassafras project are also eligible to take part in PSP2

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If you have any questions please reach out to Yumiko at ytakaku@appen.com or Greg at glopresti@appen.com
$150 - $150 one-time