Information Security Engineer

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We are looking for our first Information Security Engineer to be the founder of this function. This position will establish the company’s security strategy and will own implementation across all of our global engineering and operations functions. This is a unique opportunity for an entrepreneurial technical expert who is looking for a nonlinear growth curve at a fast moving startup. 

At Applied, you will

    • Provision machines with the latest software and security tools
    • Manage internal network setup including security
    • Manage internal secret management solution
    • Ensure compliance with security measures across the organization
    • Perform penetrations tests and regular vulnerability scans
    • Deploy IPS/IDS solutions

We’re looking for someone who

    • 2+ years of experience in information security
    • Experience provisioning large amount of work stations
    • Experience with existing IPS/IDS solutions
    • Experience managing network security

Nice to have

    • Experience with SOC-2 compliance
    • Experience with secret management solutions like Hashicorp Vault 
    • Experience in fast-growing enterprise software companies
Autonomy is one of the leading technological advances of this century that will come to impact our lives. The work you’ll do at Applied will meaningfully accelerate the efforts of the top autonomy teams in the world. At Applied, you will have a unique perspective on the development of cutting edge technology while working with major players across the industry and the globe.