Senior Autonomous Vehicles Architect

Los Angeles
We are looking for a Senior Autonomous Vehicles Architect with strong robotics and software expertise to design the software architecture and development of an initial AV stack. This co-founding engineer will play a critical role in shaping the technical direction of this new initiative. Ideal candidate is an aspiring CTO of an AV startup who is also able to support the hands-on technical work requirement of an early stage product.


    • Map autonomous customer use cases and ODD into specific system capabilities and functional requirements
    • Enable design decisions on software architecture based on industry best practices in autonomous technology development
    • Work with domain experts to support implementation of key components of the required system from perception through controls
    • Work with customer teams to ensure that the platform under development can be deployed on target hardware
    • Guide autonomous platform verification and validation strategies to ensure system quality


    • MS or PhD in robotics or a closely related field
    • 2+ years of experience in autonomous vehicle system design including familiarity with different technologies and tradeoffs involved in selecting options
    • 2+ years of experience developing and shipping AV software
    • 1+ years of experience using simulation tools to support AV development

Nice to have

    • Expertise in methods and tools for engineering design, verification and validation, or a similar related areas
    • Deep expertise with specific modules of system (eg. perception) to effectively contribute towards building that capability
    • Experience integrating common vendors of AV technology
    • Knowledge of common production considerations including middleware and performance constraints
    • Exposure to hardware systems and design tradeoffs required to deploy software on customer platforms
Autonomy is one of the leading technological advances of this century that will come to impact our lives. The work you’ll do at Vertex will meaningfully accelerate the adoption of autonomous systems in the defense world. At Vertex, you will have a unique perspective on the development of cutting edge technology while working with major players across the industry and the globe.