Software Engineer - Internal Tools

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We are looking for a full-stack software engineer to lead the development of internal tools that will power the growth of our company. This early engineer on our internal tools team will build priority products such as: customer and internal dashboards, engineering productivity tools, employee management systems, and more. This is a perfect position for a former or aspiring founder who has strong product depth and can support the cross-functional needs of a rapidly evolving business. At Applied, we encourage engineers to take ownership over technical and product decisions, closely interact with users to collect feedback, and contribute to a thoughtful, dynamic team culture.

At Applied, you will

    • Work across our entire stack to develop new products, features, and tools for our customer and internal workflows
    • Have an unparalleled opportunity to work with domain experts across a variety of fields: infrastructure, robotics, and graphics engineers, as well as veteran founders
    • Carve out your own area of expertise and influence product decisions
    • Collaborate with other members in the autonomy ecosystem and learn about different approaches to solving core issues in autonomy

We’re looking for someone who

    • Has 2+ years of experience building high quality software products with a focus on performance and UX in technically challenging domains
    • Is a dynamic engineer who can work independently as a true “product owner”
    • Owns products end-to-end, from underlying infrastructure to engagement metrics
    • Designs efficient and effective solutions to a wide range of engineering challenges
    • Takes initiative in a fast-paced environment

Nice to have

    • Working knowledge of frontend, backend, API layer, containerization, or cluster orchestration frameworks (such as React, GraphQL, Docker, or Kubernetes)
    • Has experience writing Python, C++, or JavaScript
Autonomy is one of the leading technological advances of this century that will come to impact our lives. The work you’ll do at Applied will meaningfully accelerate the efforts of the top autonomy teams in the world. At Applied, you will have a unique perspective on the development of cutting edge technology while working with major players across the industry and the globe.