Pipeline Technical Director/Artist

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We are looking for a Technical Director/Artist or Software engineer with expertise in procedural pipelines. The primary focus will be to create an automated pipeline between various processes that are currently manually run. You will lead the pipelining and unit-testing initiatives for automatically triggering procedural content generation and importing this content into Unreal engine. This role would be analogous to what a pipeline technical director might do in VFX-studio or a Technical Artist/Pipeline Engineer in games. In this case, the focus will be on pipelining Houdini systems together with Unreal and to do environment and content generation.

At Applied, you will:

    • Create an automated pipeline that can with one button click ingest customer data,  run various systems, and create a final package to be used by the client
    • Create a smooth pipeline to do nightly unit tests on all procedural content generation systems
    • Work with C++ and Python to create flexible pipelines that plug into Houdini and Unreal
    • Assist with the setup and maintenance of a render farm

We're looking for someone who:

    • Is a solid programmer and can lead the content data creation pipeline
    • Has in depth knowledge of data pipelines of various formatsIs familiar with the Unreal Engine (or equivalent)
    • Is familiar with automation, scripting, and proceduralism

Nice to have:

    • Houdini experience
    • Unreal Experience
    • Maya Experience
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