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About Appsilon

Appsilon is an ambitious and fast-growing software house and consultancy specializing in machine learning and action support systems with Fortune 500 clients across the globe.
Our unique company is inspired by a mission to improve our society and environment.

We have a growing focus on Life Sciences, including drug development enhancement, boosting molecular biology research, health-care-related topics, and biodiversity preservation.
We have a strong team of Machine Learning experts and have delivered long-term research & development projects and quick proof of concepts. We work with enterprises, startups, and academic partners.

As Appsilon, we are also a global leader in R and Shiny, which are used by companies of all sizes to build data applications. When companies encounter difficult problems or want to initiate large-scale enterprise projects, they come to us.

Before you apply, please read our code of conduct.

Your Role as a Machine Learning Engineer

    • Regular duties will include:

    • Preparing data
    • Collect data from source (facilitate a transfer of a large static dataset or connect to a live database source)
    • Transform data to prepare for modeling (e.g., resize images, convert formats, obtain labels)

    • EDA - exploratory data analysis
    • Understand relevant data properties Statistics (e.g., class distributions in the proposed train-test split are skewed) 
    • Data issues (e.g., images taken at night of fast-moving objects are blurred)
    • Dataset characteristics (similarities and differences with known datasets)
    • Visualize the findings

    • Modeling
    • Pick or design appropriate model architecture
    • Pick or define a custom set of losses
    • Run, monitor, and track models’ training Investigate models’ performance, identify strong and weak points

    • Working by software engineering standards
    • Make sure the data and modeling pipelines are modular and reproducible
    • Write code that can easily be returned to and reused in new contexts

    • Pipeline setup and improvements
    • Setup cloud infrastructure needed for data storage, modeling, and serving the models)
    • Setup and help maintain MLOps practices
    • Use known and new tools to meet project requirements

    • Handle meetings with clients
    • Effective communication at both technical and stakeholder levels
    • Ability to drill down on client needs and pain points to collect or refine project requirements

    • Present at conferences, meetups, webinars
      Some technical-expert-type involvement in sales
    • Assisting sales in making a good technical impression by asking the right technical questions to prospective clients

Must-have Requirements:

    • 2+ years of experience in a similar role

    • Hard skills
    • Great software engineering background
    • Extensive Python knowledge
    • Experience with PyTorch
    • Experience in data wrangling
    • Experience with machine learning pipelines and experiment reproducibility
    • Knowledge of MLOps practices
    • Understanding of advanced machine learning (multi-modal training, the influence of batch preparation on training, learning rate schedule, leveraging feature maps for new tasks, etc.)
    • Experience in classical machine learning (e.g., tree-based models) as well as deep learning (e.g., computer vision)

    • Soft Skills
    • Trained analytical thinker
    • Able to switch between a hacker mentality of getting things to work and an organized engineer adhering to basic principles when refactoring or building key pipeline elements
    • Able to abstract from technical issues and communicate also on a high level (not only how we do things, but why we do them)
    • Know your limits - able to spot when it is time to ask others for help
    • Very good English (at least C1) - we work exclusively in English

    • Personal traits
    • Independent, yet willing to closely collaborate
    • Reliable, high standards, organized
    • Curious in ML topics
    • Open to remote work, like remote-first working culture

Nice to have:

    • Interest or experience in ML applied in Life Sciences
    • Public projects (public repositories, profile on Kaggle-like sites/history of hackathons, etc.)
    • Interest or experience in Data4Good (especially contribution to healthcare/drug discovery and climate crisis/biodiversity preservation)
    • History of academic papers (ML or domain-specific)
    • History of public speaking (conference talks, seminars, teaching)
    • Importantly, knowledge of R is not a requirement. It can be useful in collaborations with the Applications team at Appsilon.

What’s in it for you?

    • Competitive salary: Enjoy a monthly B2B salary of 14,000 - 21,000 PLN / 3,600-5,400 USD + VAT, based on a full-time commitment.
    • Generous paid time off: Benefit from 26 days of paid holidays, plus the equivalent of public holidays in Poland, estimated at 13 days in 2024.
    • Comprehensive sick leave: Receive 33 paid sick days per year at 80% of your salary.
    • Professional Development Budget: You'll have a 5% addition to your salary allocated to a Professional Development Budget for activities that help you grow.
    • Flexible remote work: Embrace remote work with flexible hours tailored to your time zone and family life.
    • Training and conferences: Enjoy four paid days per year for training, conferences, events, or workshops.
    • Health benefits: Access private health care insurance (in Poland) or a cash equivalent if you're not in Poland.
    • Fitness perks: Receive a FitProfit or FitSport membership card (in Poland) or a cash equivalent if you're not in Poland.
    • Life insurance: You and your family will be covered with life insurance.
    • Personal assistant: Benefit from AskHenry, your assistant.

Why Should You Work For Appsilon?

    • Opportunity to work on super cool and advanced projects, e.g., cutting-edge ML in drug discovery ML-generated animations. See more of our past projects here:
    • Opportunity to run modeling, not only build data pipelines (more than half of our work is modeling)
    • Opportunity to work in collaboration with Innovation Unit, Platform Team, and Application Team, who will contribute respectively: Cutting edge knowledge in the latest software languages/techniques/domain solutions, Data and Environment Infrastructure support, UX and UI creation for the deployment of ML models in apps.
    • Opportunity to join academic projects with high impact on advancing various fields of study  (3 papers published, 2 submitted, 3 in preparation) as well as Data4Good projects (we engage in projects with high impact, where ML can unlock new possibilities for respected partners Boston Medical Center, International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Uni Sorbonne, Uni Bonn, Uni Laval, Arctowski Antarctic Station, WWF, various National Parks in Africa).
    • Open, caring internal culture. We are a smart and friendly team with a great, non-toxic company culture.
    • Opportunity to have an impact on how the ML team operates, its growth, and its ultimate success.
    • Interesting challenges to be solved (multiple cool projects, people from different countries, from industry and academia).
    • Company values/mission - we invest in being a force of good through the Data4Good program.
    • Top notch tech team: ex-Googlers, ex-Microsoft, PhDs and MScs from top unis: MIT, MiMUW, PW, PAN.
    • Development Budget (5% of salary extra dedicated to your growth) and Professional Development Days (4 per year).
    • Great leadership: no micromanagement and low burnout risk.
    • A profitable company with an above-average runway.
    • A privately held company with no outside investors.
    • High technical standards.
    • Competitive salary.

What can you expect during the recruitment process?

    • Interview with the Recruiter (with a live task assignment)
    • Home assignment
    • 2 Interviews with the members of the ML Team
    • Offer
Appsilon is committed to being a diverse and inclusive workplace. We encourage applicants of different backgrounds, cultures, genders, experiences, abilities, and perspectives to apply. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, age, physical disability, or length of time spent unemployed.

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