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About Appsilon

Appsilon is an ambitious and fast-growing software house and consultancy specializing in actions support systems and machine learning with Fortune 500 clients across the globe. We are a unique company inspired by a mission to improve our society and environment. 

We are a global leader in R and Shiny, which are used by companies of all sizes to build data applications. When companies run into difficult problems or want to initiate large-scale enterprise projects, they come to Appsilon.

Before you apply, please read our code of conduct.


    • Administration
    • The team knows and understands how Appsilon's document workflow works and knows where they can get support;
    • Document workflow processes are efficient and smooth
    • Documents are processed and signed without delays
    • Processes are taken care of even if you’re absent
    • Our People Directory is always up-to-date and is a reliable source of employee information
    • Appsilon's document processes scale with the company's growth
    • Newcomers feel supported in choosing a form of contract, signing a contract, processing contracts through Autenti, etc.
    • Newest HR process changes required by new regulations and labor law suggested by our lawyers are implemented (e.g., new remote work rules)
    • Travel
    • The team knows the process of organizing travel and knows how to use it
    • Logistics is never a blocker for travel/event organizers
    • Travel/conference participation is the best experience for the team
    • Processes are taken care of even when POS is absent
    • The head of People has support and replacement in organizing events
    • Benefits
    • The team is satisfied with the benefits offered and takes advantage of them
    • We make decisions based on data
    • We know the opinions on the benefits offered
    • The team understands what benefits we have, how to use them, and the deadlines that apply


    • You have your first experience in a similar role
    • Basic knowledge of Polish Labour Law and willingness to learn more
    • Very high level of communication - even when things don't go your way, you communicate openly and as soon as you notice a problem
    • Pedantic and precise (Excellence) - The documents that you prepare are perfect. You keep Google Drive folders well structured. You keep our employees' database accurate and up to date. You ensure others also follow high-quality standards in documents
    • Ownership - you’re the owner of your areas, and the results of your actions
    • Trust - you get your job done, you share problems honestly, we can trust your results, and we don’t need double-checks
    • Innovation - you are not afraid to experiment and learn from initiatives
    • Kindness - you're a team player. You always keep the common goal in mind
    • Experience in remote work - well-organized person
    • English min B2
    • Fluent Polish

What’s in it for You:

    • Competitive salary: Enjoy a monthly B2B salary of 6000-7300 PLN + VAT or 5000-6000 PLN gross on UoP, based on a full-time commitment.
    • Generous paid time off. Benefit from 26 days of paid holidays, plus the equivalent of public holidays in Poland, estimated at 13 days in 2024.
    • Comprehensive sick leave: Receive 33 paid sick days per year at 80% of your salary.
    • Professional Development Budget: You'll have a 5% bonus in your salary allocated to a Professional Development Budget for activities that help you grow.
    • Flexible remote work: Embrace remote work with flexible hours tailored to your time zone and family life.
    • Training and conferences: Enjoy four paid days per year for training, conferences, events, or workshops.
    • Health benefits: Access private health care insurance (in Poland) or a cash equivalent if you're not in Poland.
    • Fitness perks: Receive a FitProfit or FitSport membership card (in Poland) or a cash equivalent if you're not in Poland.
    • Life insurance: You and your family will be covered with life insurance.
    • Personal assistant: Benefit from AskHenry, your assistant.

Within 3 Months, You’ll…

    • You will be fully responsible for the processes of signing contracts with company joiners and contractors
    • You will be responsible for the workflow process related to employees
    • You will be responsible for taking care of our employee knowledge base (People Directory)

Within 6 Months, You’ll…

    • You will streamline the company's benefit selection process

What to Expect During the Recruitment Process:

    • Interview with the Recruiter
    • Task
    • Interview with the Head of People
    • Culture-Fit Interview
Our values

Kindness- We genuinely care about each other and our clients. We are compassionate when making difficult decisions.
Trust- We trust ourselves and each other to perform well. We can always be sure that our team members have positive intentions.
Ownership- We are proactive, and we make crucial decisions. We react if there are unowned areas or risks. We start meaningful conversations, even if they are uncomfortable. We take pride in the work being done.
Excellence- We can solve problems that others cannot. We willingly share our expertise with the community and always strive to improve.
Innovation- We have multiple examples of industry breakthroughs and contributions and continue delivering more. Our open-source tools are used by Global 2K companies, non-profits, and NGOs worldwide.

Appsilon is committed to being a diverse and inclusive workplace. We encourage applicants of different backgrounds, cultures, genders, experiences, abilities, and perspectives to apply. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, age, physical disability, or length of time spent unemployed.

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