Product Management Lead

Product Management
We're looking for an experienced Product Manager to launch the Product Management team at Aptible, and own the vision for our Gridiron product.

This is a unique opportunity to be a high-impact, early member of the Aptible Team. Reporting directly to our CTO, you'll be responsible for product vision and roadmap. You'll collaborate across the entire company, driving a shared product strategy across all functional areas while incorporating insights from stakeholders inside and outside Aptible into the product. Initially, you'll work as an individual contributor, and as the company grows, you'll have the opportunity to build out a team.

About Aptible

Who We Are
Our mission is to build trust on the internet. We do this by empowering innovative teams to build strong data protection programs and become trustworthy custodians of sensitive data.

What We Believe
We believe building trust is essential to unleashing the internet’s transformative potential: A global internet based on strong trust can build communities, reshape economies, and improve the lives of billions around the world. We are starting with security and privacy. Data, such as personal data, is increasingly sensitive and risky to handle.

What if data breaches on the internet weren’t common?
What if every team knew how good they were at security before a breach?
What if every team knew how much time, money, and people they should invest in security?
What if every engineering team had access to great DevOps security?

What We Prioritize

Customer Empowerment Over Customer Happiness
We think of customer success in terms of empowerment and growth through self-improvement, which makes it easy to have a deep passion and investment in that success. We want to see our customers grow into mature teams that are excellent at protecting data. This is true across Aptible, not just product and support: In our marketing, we’re more likely to give away knowledge than swag. In sales, we always try to answer substantive questions and provide a roadmap for prospects, even if they don’t buy.

Experience and Opinion Over Flexibility
Empowerment and growth as self-improvement also deeply inform how we approach product design and support. We differentiate on legal and technical experience, and bake this knowledge into our products. Aptible is not a black box. Customers use us to offload challenging problems, but they also constantly learn how to better approach these problems as a result of using our software and services.

Leverage Over Effort
As a company, we aim for breadth, impact on a large scale. We want to help thousands of teams, which demands accessibility and simplification without sacrificing impact. With Gridiron, you can launch an enterprise-grade compliance program without a CISO or formal compliance experience. With Enclave, you get the benefits of highly-available, fault-tolerant infrastructure without a DevOps team. For every ounce of effort our customers put into Aptible, we give them pounds of value back, for as long as our relationship lasts.

Our Products

Gridiron is like the missing QuickBooks + TurboTax for information security audits. It helps teams design and run security management programs that meet and exceed requirements like HIPAA, SOC 2, and ISO 27001. Customers use it to build trust with their own customers and partners, and pass audits. Enclave is a container orchestration platform for deploying audit-ready apps and databases that automatically implements the security controls customers need to achieve regulatory compliance and pass audits.

What You'll Do

    • Own the product vision and roadmap. To borrow an expression from Marty Cagan (author of Inspired), you'll act as CEO of the product, and hold ultimate responsibility for ensuring that we're building the right product. We expect you to lead at both the strategic and tactical levels, not only managing overall vision but also identifying quick wins and specific action items.
    • Collaborate with Engineering, Growth, Marketing and Sales leads to ensure the product roadmap is aligned with our company-wide strategy.
    • Study the market and competitive landscape in order to continuously inform our product strategy.
    • Conduct interviews with customers, prospects and others to understand the user experience and inform product roadmap decisions.

About You: Strengths

    • Product Passion: As Product Management Lead, you'll be entrusted with the responsibility and authority to define the vision for our Gridiron product. In exchange, we'll promise you the resources and leverage you need to build the best possible product. If you're passionate about building a great product, the rest of our team will get behind you to ensure the product you've envisioned is built right.
    • Customer Empathy: At Aptible, we build products that empower customers to confidently operate compliance programs and pass information security audits. Most of our customers are unfamiliar with compliance, and yet the success of their business often depends on how well they navigate this problem. Building the best product requires understanding our customers' concerns and confusion as much as the problem itself, and so we expect the Product Management Lead to empathize with our customers, both in direct interaction as well as in the high-level product vision.
    • Communication Skills: Product Management sits at the focal point of the entire company, and as such you'll be responsible for communicating to and soliciting feedback from nearly every functional area at Aptible. As a communicator, you should be articulate and compelling. You should not only explain and clarify the product vision to the rest of the company, but inspire the team to get behind that vision.

What We Value: And hope you'll embrace at Aptible, too.

    • Commitment to the Team: We are building an exceptional team by finding exceptional people that care deeply about building exceptional teams, wherever they are.
    • Commitment to Each Other: We commit to less, which means we’re able to deliver more for our colleagues and customers.
    • Commitment to the Mission: We love winning, but most of all, we value getting back up and getting better at what we do. We respect grit.
    • Growth Over Perfection: We help each other improve. When we give feedback, we make each other feel big, not small. This helps us take reasonable risks, which helps us make decisions and learn quickly. We fail often and early, and learn from it.
    • Teaching as Learning: We believe that teaching is the best way to learn, and make time to share information openly.
    • Constructiveness Over Commiseration: We seek to improve through self-reflection and hard work. We prefer to offer solutions to problems.
    • Asking Why: We ask “why?” a lot in order to understand root causes. Asking why helps us cultivate focus and make high-quality decisions quickly.
Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion
We prioritize diversity within our team and value different perspectives, educational backgrounds, and life experiences. We encourage people from underrepresented backgrounds to apply.