Product Manager

Remote (North America)
Engineering, Design, Product
We're looking for a Product Manager to help build and make Aptible the best security management platform for startups.

This is a unique opportunity to be a high-impact, early member of the Aptible Team. Reporting directly to our Product Management Lead, you'll be responsible for designing and developing tools that help our clients improve their security posture.

About Aptible

Our Vision

We see a future where it’s easy to bring a great idea into the world using the internet, while respecting data security and privacy. The next generation of businesses will design security and privacy into their operating processes. If every business is going to be a software business, every business will need to be a security business.

We’re working to make information security a core competency of every startup. We envision a world in which startups have access to great information security, are empowered to focus on their businesses instead of on compliance, can scale faster and more efficiently, and are confident that they're creating quality products.

Our Values

Commitment to the Team
We're passionate about building a diverse team of talented people who accomplish great things together, regardless of where they are. We talk a lot about the science of high-performing teams and how to make Aptible the best environment to support that kind of team. If you love the mutual support and camaraderie of a strong team that wins together, we want to hear from you.

Commitment to Each Other
We commit to each other as individuals, one on one. We measure our commitments carefully and hold each other accountable, which means we’re able to deliver more for our colleagues and customers in the long run. We set only a few very clear, ambitious goals as a company each quarter, and talk about them constantly to reinforce focus. We make time to recognize, praise, and reward those who consistently deliver on their promises.

Commitment to The Mission
Startups are hard, and we expect challenges and missteps. We love winning, but most of all, we value getting back up and getting better at what we do. We are deeply motivated to build trust on the internet by empowering teams, and we respect grit and perseverance in furtherance of that mission.

Growth Over Perfection
We fail often and early, and learn from it. We talk about improving constantly. We praise those who give feedback early and often. We put effort into being good at giving feedback: When we give feedback, we make each other feel big, not small. This helps create an environment where we can take reasonable risks, which in turn helps us make decisions quickly and learn fast. We expect managers to delegate a lot, and acknowledge that delegation means sometimes letting someone make what you think is the wrong decision.

Teaching as Learning
We are a team of learners. We value and respect teaching as the best way to learn, and make time to share information openly. We set explicit goals around training, and devote resources to developing and improving our internal training. We praise those who share knowledge in public — by asking and answering questions in team chat, writing documentation, and writing for our customers.

Taking Responsibility Over Giving Responsibility
Identifying problems is a good start, but we love solving them more. We think and talk a lot about how we can improve, and work hard at it. We value and reward those who take initiative. We don't like meetings where we only talk about problems.

Asking Why
We ask “why?” a lot in order to understand root causes. Asking why helps us cultivate focus and make high-quality decisions quickly. We don't attribute mistakes to human error. We view them as a starting point for an inquiry, not the end.

Your Impact

    • Your First 3 Months
    • You'll become an expert in and add value to how we ship product at Aptible.
    • You’ll work with our Product Management Lead to break our roadmap into actionable pieces of work. You'll flesh out User Stories and Acceptance Criteria by leading discovery and prototyping calls with customers.
    • You’ll work with the Engineering Team to brainstorm implementation approaches, break stories into their tasks, estimate size, and scope sprints.
    • You’ll work with the Design Team to generate the visual artifacts necessary for initiatives.
    • You’ll act as the Scrum Master during sprints to ensure we are moving at maximum velocity.
    • You’ll work with the Marketing Team to coordinate release planning and to arm them with what they need to successfully market our products and features.
    • You’ll measure and assess the effectiveness of our features, using that input to inform our product roadmap.

    • Your First 12 Months
    • You’ll take ownership of a significant sphere of product functionality or strategic product initiative.
    • You’ll be accountable for putting together the roadmap for that piece of functionality and getting buy-in from the Aptible Team.
    • You'll be responsible for identifying gaps as we rapidly grow our Product Team, and for shaping the strategic direction of that team — i.e. how we are organized, how we do Agile, etc.
    • You’ll be a contributor to long-term product strategy and vision at Aptible.

Your Strengths

    • Product Management Experience: You've shipped product on a deadline, ideally at a fast-growing company, and can drive meaningful change for a product. For example, you have 2+ Years as a Product Manager or 2+ Years as a product-oriented Software Engineer looking to transition into Product Management, etc.
    • Technical Knowledge: You have both the technical background necessary to be a great thought-partner to Software Engineers and the empathy to understand our customers’ needs.
    • Analytical Skills: You can synthesize information from qualitative and quantitative sources, and translate that synthesis into actionable and incremental product delivery.
    • Bonus Experience (Not Required): You’re familiar with compliance and security.

Our Benefits

    • Work from Anywhere: Enjoy the flexibility of working from home, a local co-working space, or your favorite coffee shop.
    • Open Vacation Policy: We encourage you to take the time you need, when you need it — for any holiday or matter of personal importance.
    • Paid Parental Leave: We offer job-protected Paid Time Off — 12 Weeks, Fully Paid — for all parents to bond with a newly born, adopted, or fostered child.
    • Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance: We offer comprehensive health care for employees, with 100% of premiums paid by Aptible.
    • Hardware & Software: We help you create your ideal office setup and provide any software you’ll need.
    • Company Travel: We come together in-person at least two to three times per year, in locations around the globe.
Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion
We prioritize diversity within our team and value different perspectives, educational backgrounds, and life experiences. We encourage people from underrepresented backgrounds to apply.