Senior Autonomous Driving Path Planning Engineer

Pittsburgh, PA, US
Advanced Engineering – R&D
Aptiv Autonomous Mobility

Our real-world mobility solutions are driving us toward a safer, greener and better connected future. Aptiv is providing the “brain” and “nervous system” for vehicles that will change the face of mobility for people worldwide.

Aptiv’s Autonomous Mobility team is focused on developing, and commercializing autonomous vehicles and systems that enable point-to-point mobility via large fleets of autonomous vehicles in challenging urban driving environments. With talented teams working across the globe, from Boston to Singapore, Aptiv was the first company to deploy a commercial, point-to-point autonomous ride-hailing service based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In November 2017, Aptiv acquired autonomous vehicle software startup nuTonomy, an integral part of Aptiv’s Autonomous Mobility team. With continued research, development, and both current and future commercial deployments, we are looking for talented and passionate people to join our team.

Work with leading engineers, research scientists, marketers and business development experts, all while enabling the future of mobility. At Aptiv, we believe that our mobility solutions have  the power to change the world. For more information, please visit and see our for opportunities.

What You'll Do:

    • Tackle the challenge of autonomous driving through innovative software stacks that interface with all components of the autonomous driving vehicles
    • Collaborate with the team of Autonomous Driving algorithm experts in localization, perception, motion planning and platform control
    • Build new concepts and groundbreaking solutions that shape the future of mobility
    • Develop Algorithms including: path planning algorithms for Lane centering, Automatic Lane Change, Lane Keep Assist, Automatic Parking, etc.
    • Analyze data to assess and correct performance deficiencies
    • Perform In-Vehicle testing and debugging with dSPACE/ControlDesk and CANoe
    • Function demonstration to OEMs and customer requirement review & implementation
    • Optimization for real-time implementation
    • Performance assessment and reporting

What You'll Bring:

    • A Master’s degree or higher in electrical engineering, computer science, robotics, or equivalent.
    • 5+ years of professional experience in an Autonomous Driving related role.
    • Understanding of: Least Square fitting, LQR controller, machine learning, Detection and Estimation, Kalman Filter, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, digital signal processing.
    • Strong knowledge of algorithm development in Simulink, Stateflow, and MATLAB scripting.
    • Thorough C coding skills for algorithm’s production C code integration, debugging, compilation and data log re-simulation.
    • Proficient in-vehicle debugging and testing skills using vehicle CAN communication tools (CANoe, CANalyzer, etc.), dSPACE/ControlDesk. 

Preferred Qualifications

    • Experience in: RADAR, LIDAR, computer vision, sensor fusion, path planning, road model estimate, target selection, numerical methods, and statistical methods is a plus.
    • Knowledge of production code generation using MATLAB Coder/Simulink embedded coder is a plus