Director of Data Science

San Francisco, CA /
Engineering /
Aquabyte is seeking a Director of Data Science to help develop and deploy new algorithms to fish farms across the world.

The Director of Data Science is a management position responsible for research and development activities at Aquabyte. This individual will work at the intersection of machine learning - computer vision - data science - and robotics with a special emphasis on physical system modeling (optical physics + underwater environment + fish biology). The challenge in the problems we solve lies in the insight required in a multidisciplinary statistical and hardware problem solving process (piecing together physics model + statistical model + biological model + CNN) vs a single, more cookie-cutter solution (massive annotations + CNN). The right individual will be able to drive strategy / architecture as well as technical execution and define the correct research path forward to help farmers deliver healthy, sustainable salmon to the world.

Watch our TV episode with Amazon's CTO at a Norwegian fish farm here!


    • Define and communicate Aquabyte’s research strategy and architecture across machine learning, computer vision, data science, and robotics
    • Deeply understand the problem and lead the team to the most effective answer by implementing multidisciplinary solutions across algorithms and hardware
    • Lead a high-output research team, and effectively manage team resources. Implement tools and process to make the team as efficient as possible
    • Be hands-on and serve as lead research contributor and resident AI expert
    • Understand the strategic importance of rapid model iteration, and set up tools and processes for data ingestion, cleaning, model evaluation and backtest
    • Champion the value of data at Aquabyte, and implement a data network effect
    • Coach and lead a world-class research team to solve the research problem, and communicate complex research topics to technical and non-technical audiences
    • Engage external advisors to help solve research problems
    • Travel to Norway as needed (pandemic-depending)


    • Understands how to quickly and correctly develop models for physical systems
    • Is a voracious learner and can quickly absorb complex and new information
    • Is correct often: understands the correct research path and research workflows, deeply understands tradeoffs, and effectively makes correct decisions to guide the team forward
    • Demonstrated success in setting up an effective research process with rapid iteration, data ingestion and cleansing, model evaluation and backtest
    • Experience managing a research team and understands the nuances and how to effectively leverage a team of ML engineers, data scientists, and ML platform engineers, and can effectively manage sprints
    • Is an excellent communicator, understands how to communicate complex research topics efficiently to technical and non-technical audiences
    • Has excellent statistics skills, with experience in regression and time series analysis
    • Experience with deep learning, especially within a computer vision context and understand how to effectively design and tune convolutional neural networks
    • Experience with quantitative, image, video, and time series modeling
    • Experience with image processing and vision first principles
    • Has a network from which to recruit additional research team members and advisors

Desired Qualifications

    • Experience with robotics, autonomous vehicles, satellite / space systems
    • Thought leader and able to promote Aquabyte through public evangelism
    • Experience with underwater systems and imaging
    • Demonstrated interest in oceans / sustainability
    • Understands machine learning fundamentals from both a statistical and computer science perspective


    • Enjoy excellent benefits, including equity in the company, a 401k program and paid lunch every day
    • Evolve in a very fast-paced engineering environment with short development cycles
    • Be able to shape a revolutionary product in its early days
    • Get ideas, feedback, and suggestions from other best-in-their-field engineers
    • Travel between SF and Norway
Aquabyte is a private company headquartered in San Francisco, and is supported by NEA, Costanoa Ventures, and many other respected investors.

At Aquabyte, we admire interesting people with a unique background. We strongly encourage you to apply even if you don’t satisfy all the requirements, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Watch our TV episode with Amazon's CTO at a Norwegian fish farm here!