US based Full-stack Engineer (Python or JS stack)

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About our client:

Our client is a NY based certified retailer of top brands. Members of the core team have been working remotely since the quarantine was set in place, and the warehouse has been kept running with several restrictions. The recent changes brought significant impact to working dynamics, now as a distributed team.

What you will do as a developer:

Our client is seeking a full time, full-stack programmer to develop internal business applications (and rewrite some existing applications) within the e-commerce industry.

The existing apps were written using Python, Django, MySql, and some VB. The business applications will be mostly database-driven and have tie-ins to various APIs from 3rd-party software partners.
The candidate will be given clear instructions on the desired GUI and required functionality necessary and will have easy access to personnel for any followup/specifics or business process questions they may have.
However, the candidate will not be part of a programming team and should have experience working independently and taking systems from concept to full deployment with minimum programming support.
Management has programming experience and understands basic programming concepts, which will make it easier for the candidate, as instructions will be given to the candidate with a programming mindset.

Skills required:

Preference for Python, Django, MySql, but open to JS full-stack.

Company Culture:

Our client's company culture focuses on our joint efforts to give back and help those in need through partnerships with charities that make a difference. Customers and partners are part of this movement to improve the world.

Additional information:
Location: USA only, a short drive or flight away for important meetings and retreats.
Annual Salary range: 60K - 90K(USD)