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A Bit About Us: 
We are Arcadia Science. Arcadia is a well-funded for-profit biology research and development company founded and led by scientists. Our mission is to give a community of researchers the freedom and tools to be adventurous, to discover, and to make scientific exploration financially self-sustaining in the life sciences. We are inspired by the spirit of exploration and aspire to evolve how science is done, who it attracts and rewards, and what it can achieve. 
There are over one trillion species on this planet. Each of these presents an unparalleled opportunity to ask how evolution has solved problems, holding the keys to the greatest technology we have — biology itself. Yet, this technology remains remarkably underexplored. At Arcadia, we will bring together scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs to unlock this potential by pursuing discovery-based research across diverse organisms. We will invest in the development of enabling research tools that can supercharge expansion into new organisms by the broader scientific community. Translational opportunities that emerge from our research will be commercialized to sustain and fuel our continued exploration across a wider slice of biology.
The Arcade Program @ Arcadia:
The Arcade program supports pop-up style projects that are more high-risk and exploratory in nature than other research efforts at Arcadia. Arcade projects are sparked by scientists across Arcadia and designed to test fun, moonshot ideas. Arcade projects typically take anywhere from approximately a few weeks to six months to complete. Projects will be designed to assess feasibility and serve as initial pilots that inform what a larger scale strategy with a dedicated team would look like. The focus of projects could include a wide range of goals, including biological exploration, tool-building, and translation. We are looking for creative, team-oriented individuals who are not only fanatics of interesting organisms but also excited to try new ways of doing science with us. 
The Opportunity:
We are looking to hire 2-3 full-time Arcade Scientists over the next two years. As an Arcade scientist, you will serve as the technical and strategic lead for Arcade projects, working in collaboration with other Arcadia scientists to develop experimental plans based on their conceptual proposals. You’ll work across Arcadia teams, with outside consultants, and with additional personnel from other teams who may be deployed to help for short periods. The ability to collaborate and communicate is paramount. You’ll also be responsible for the technical execution and troubleshooting of Arcade projects. 
Our perfect Arcade scientist is curious, self-directed, collaborative, excited by new ideas, passionate about solving problems, and dedicated to open science. You enjoy tinkering, developing protocols for the first time, and learning new skill sets. You have a low activation barrier to trying new things. You have been exposed to a wide range of techniques and know how to find the help you need to learn new ones. Although the individual Arcade projects are short-term in nature, this is a full-time, salaried position. Arcade scientists can expect to be compensated between $90-140K/year with equity and benefits, depending on experience level. Advancement opportunities will depend upon demonstrable productivity and leadership at Arcadia and not upon degrees, traditional publishing metrics, or past references.
What your role will look like over time:
First year.  We need skilled bench scientists to help us build. Over the next several months, you can expect a very start-up experience with a small team of scientists that will grow from a size of about 10 people to 25. We expect the growing team to be highly collaborative with an “all-hands-on-deck” mentality to get new research projects off the ground, quickly explore and de-risk organismal systems or technologies, and engage with the broader scientific community to source ideas. You will be given general directives and expected to proactively and independently figure out how to execute pilot projects: mapping out an experimental plan, organizing milestones, gathering resources, trying different protocols. You will be expected to dynamically move between projects as needed and collaborate closely with other scientists to get the job done. You will be part of the founding team, which requires a willingness to evolve quickly, help wherever needed, and communicate effectively as we build.
First few years.  After Arcadia becomes a little more established, you will be expected to be the primary lead on Arcade projects. You may be responsible for anywhere between 1-3 projects, depending on their nature. You will also be expected to engage scientifically with other Arcade scientists by attending internal seminars and subgroup meetings in order to co-develop future Arcade project ideas. Successful Arcade projects may develop into longer-term research programs or spin-out companies, and you may have the opportunity to lead these depending on performance and interest. 
If interested, please apply with a brief one-page CV and a blurb no longer than 5-7 sentences stating 1) why you are interested in joining Arcadia, 2) how this opportunity aligns with your own goals, and 3) a wacky moonshot idea of your own within the realm of emerging research organisms.
Expectations for all Arcadia Scientists:
Arcadia strongly believes that open science is the best science. We expect all of our scientists to communicate openly about their work through a variety of mechanisms, including our own open communications platform (currently under development), social media/scicomm with a general audience, and participation in scientific conferences. We are currently establishing in-house communications teams to support your sharing. Evaluation of your performance at Arcadia will be based on a combination of structured feedback from your colleagues at all levels, openly shared research content, achievement of learning milestones established by yourself with the leadership team, and experimental risk-taking. A high percentage of Arcade program projects are expected to fail, as a reflection of this. Research by Arcadia-funded scientists will not be published in journals.
The Arcadia Story:
We are a research and development company leveraging the biology of emerging research organisms. We were founded by Seemay Chou and Prachee Avasthi, scientists convinced there is a better way to explore the full potential of science: how discoveries can be both meaningful and profitable. We are building a team of in-house scientists to carry out active research programs and convene a broader scientific community with a visiting scholars and internship program. Read more about our mission here, FAQs here, and Seemay’s founding story here
Arcadia Science is an equal opportunity workplace; we welcome people from all backgrounds and communities. We provide competitive compensation and practical benefits to keep you happy and healthy so that you can do your best work.
Not sure if this is you?
We are building a diverse team, with a broad range of experience, expertise, and perspectives. If you don’t meet all of the above qualifications, you should still consider applying to Arcadia. We carefully consider every application, and will either move forward with you, suggest another role within Arcadia that might be a better fit, keep in touch for future opportunities, or thank you for your time.
We want to ensure Arcadia is an environment that suits your working style and empowers you to do your best work, so we are eager to answer any questions that you have about us at any point in the interview process