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This posting is for an active search. At Arcadia, an active search (as opposed to an “open search”) means we have a clearly-defined need and are actively looking to fill this position in the next 2-3 months. We intend to move relatively quickly once we find the right candidate.

A Bit About Us
We are Arcadia Science. Arcadia is a well-funded for-profit biology research and development company founded and led by scientists. Our mission is to give a community of researchers the freedom and tools to be adventurous, to discover, and to make scientific exploration financially self-sustaining in the life sciences. We are inspired by the spirit of exploration and aspire to evolve how science is done, who it attracts and rewards, and what it can achieve. We are not academia or biotech; we are an organization-scale meta-science experiment committed to trying radical things from first principles for the betterment of science. 

The Opportunity
We are seeking an exceptional learner to help shape our translation strategy at Arcadia. Ideal candidates will have some experience in traditional biotech venture capital or consulting and will be excited to collaborate closely with our scientists, incoming Head of Translation, and CEO to build a new model for spinning out companies with a focus on scientific utility. We want to optimize how scientific discovery and tools are leveraged for commercial ventures by proactively integrating translational thinking across different developmental stages of scientific innovation, from basic research strategy to company spinouts. Over the next ten years, we will iterate on a model that empowers and educates scientists to shape their own research towards translational utility. The Arcadia approach will combine blue sky basic research and technology development with elements of seed-stage funds, company incubators, and venture creation studios all under the same roof with aligned incentives. Arcadia’s goal is to develop translational strategies that enable long-term financial sustainability and replicability of Arcadia as a whole, allowing  us to consider a more diverse investment portfolio than those of typical translational partnerships in biotech. Our goal is to accelerate scientific progress by establishing a compelling, reproducible template for future organizations with similar goals.

For the Translation Partner role, we are looking for someone with either a Ph.D. or extensive life sciences research experience who has a broad awareness and curiosity about historic trends and timely opportunities emerging at the intersection of biology and engineering. We are seeking someone with ties to the innovation ecosystem to help us build out Arcadia’s scientific entrepreneurial community. 

The Translation Partner will spend significant time researching and scouting internal and external translational opportunities for Arcadia, as well as diligencing potential investments. They will be expected to embed in the organization by attending research strategy meetings and scientific seminar series in order to work in partnership with our scientists to identify translational opportunities early on in the ideation process. The expected salary range is $125-175k per year with equity and benefits, depending on experience level.

In the first few months, you will get to know the Arcadia scientists, explore opportunities in-house, understand our mission and goals, and will strategize how we approach scouting future translational opportunities. 

In the first six months, as you continue to support the refinement of our investment approach with our Head of Translation, you will educate Arcadia scientists about different market areas and attract translational scientists with exciting ideas to explore at Arcadia. You’ll spend significant time making connections with key players in the biotech innovation ecosystem in the Bay Area and well beyond. 

In the first year, you will spend much of your time on operationalizing scouting activities. You will begin by focusing internally and then eventually pivot outward, seeking external opportunities and recruitment, ensuring that translation is integrated into all aspects of Arcadia. The entire organization is excited to be thinking proactively about translation with you.

In the first few years, you will stay on top of shifting trends in the biotech industry to continually refine our approach and shape our new model, embedding Arcadia as a key contributor in the ecosystem, and a model for others to follow. 

Arcadia Science is an equal opportunity workplace; we welcome people from all backgrounds and communities. We provide competitive compensation and practical benefits to keep you happy and healthy so that you can do your best work.