Truth & Reconciliation Lead

North Vancouver, BC, Canada /
Head Office – Sustainability /
Your Opportunity at ARC’TERYX:

As the Truth & Reconciliation Lead, you will support Arc’teryx to realise its commitment to Truth & Reconciliation, identifying and driving actions that embed the work at the heart of our collective identity.
Meet Your Future Team:

As a team, we’re constantly seeking to better understand Arc’teryx’s identity and core values.  These values inform the actions we take to support the communities we share. 

In partnership with the communities we share, we seek to advance our commitments to honouring the ancestry of the land, supporting its continued guardianship, and fostering a sense of belonging outdoors for people who have been traditionally excluded.

If you were the Truth & Reconciliation Lead now, here are some of the core activities you would be doing:

    • Identifying and partnering with relevant experts to develop strategies that realise our commitments to Truth & Reconciliation
    • Developing and supporting the delivery of an education program that supports Arc’teryx’s global team in their understanding of the work of Truth & Reconciliation
    • Developing and supporting the delivery of a strategy and roadmap to support each Arc’teryx location to develop reciprocal relationships with the Indigenous Peoples of the land we share.
    • Facilitating conversations with department leaders with a view to embedding a commitment to Truth & Reconciliation across each area of the business.
    • Connecting with thought leaders to understand leading thinking and best practices on the work of Truth & Reconciliation

Here are some of the things you could be working on in the future:

    • Sharing our approach and learnings with other businesses to inspire others to commit to the work of Truth & Reconciliation
    • Advocating to government for policies that advance Truth & Reconciliation

Are you our next Truth & Reconciliation Lead?

    • You have 3+ years experience in building trusting reciprocal relationships between Indigenous Peoples and an organization.
    • You have 3+ years experience of embedding a commitment to Truth & Reconciliation within an organization’s culture and practices
    • You have an ability to connect with experts to develop a robust strategy that can be embedded within a business
    • You have an ability to effectively deliver high quality projects
    • You are an excellent communicator that brings self-awareness and an ability to listen to each conversation
    • You have an ability to engage with a diverse range of stakeholders to drive change.
    • You have an ability to work with Senior Leaders to effectively inspire continued organizational commitment to the work of Truth & Reconciliation
    • You have strong presentation skills with the ability to educate and influence diverse stakeholders across the organization, including the Senior Leadership Team

Equal Opportunity

Arc’teryx is committed to actively creating and fostering a culture of inclusivity where voices are heard, people are seen, and values are respected. We care about the uniqueness of our applicants, employees, and guests, and we do so in a safe space fueled by curiosity and acceptance. 

Creating an inclusive workplace is connected to our core value Do Right while also having the added benefit of helping make our business better. We believe inclusion helps us to create a healthier, happier workplace, drive creativity and innovation, and reflect the communities where we operate.  

All applicants, employees, and guests can expect equality of opportunity and fair treatment in alignment with our values.

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