Senior Product Manager

Boston, MA
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Ark is developing an intelligent biomanufacturing platform so that more scientific breakthroughs reach commercialization. By integrating advanced modeling and simulation into bioprocessing, Ark short-circuits the lengthy and expensive development process (years and $100Ms). Ark’s platform includes an experiment co-pilot and digital twin for rapid process optimization and an intelligent bioreactor that drives productivity growth. Ark's platform will expedite the commercialization of biotechnological innovations that can improve human health, combat climate change, and enhance national security.

The Role
You're a seasoned product manager with a rich history of developing complex, data-intensive B2B software products, ideally within the biopharmaceutical or biotech sectors. Your motivation levels are unmatched. You possess a profound sense of customer empathy, armed with the insightful questions that pave the way to solutions. You're on the hunt for a role that promises substantial responsibility and the opportunity for rapid growth within an early-stage, agile startup.

Core responsibilities

    • Market and Customer Insight: With a relentless pursuit of understanding, you immerse yourself in the market, customer base, and key purchasers. Through diligent analysis of product data and direct user interviews, you develop a deep empathy for users, becoming an authority on the product's use cases and user requirements. You also have a keen understanding for who the key purchasers are within different types of orgs and their KBFs.
    • Strategic Vision and Roadmapping: You craft a clear, achievable vision, strategy, and roadmap for a feature set poised for strong adoption. Your strategic questions and keen understanding of product decision trade-offs guide the direction of development.
    • Feature Development and Deployment: Excelling in fast-paced, multidisciplinary settings, you lead the rapid testing and development of significant features. Your focus is on swift, comprehensive feature rollouts across the product lifecycle.
    • Ongoing Enhancement: You are committed to excellence, conducting regular QA to spot and rectify bugs, managing a product feature backlog, and prioritizing initiatives based on business needs and your insightful understanding of users.


    • 6+ years of product management experience, particularly with software products in the biotech or biopharmaceutical industries.
    • Exceptional skills in data analysis.
    • Comprehensive experience across the full product lifecycle, from inception to maturity.
    • A strong technical foundation and experience collaborating with cross-functional teams.
    • An unwavering determination to uncover the optimal solutions and construct the finest product.
    • A profound customer-centric approach — when faced with unknowns about a customer, you quickly seek out answers.
    • Thrive in a dynamic, high-energy startup environment.
    • Highly independent, with a proactive and self-directed approach to work.
Ark Biotech is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status or disability status.