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Boston, MA
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Ark is developing an intelligent biomanufacturing platform so that more scientific breakthroughs reach commercialization. By integrating advanced modeling and simulation into bioprocessing, Ark short-circuits the lengthy and expensive development process (years and $100Ms). Ark’s platform includes an experiment co-pilot and digital twin for rapid process optimization and an intelligent bioreactor that drives productivity growth. Ark's platform will expedite the commercialization of biotechnological innovations that can improve human health, combat climate change, and enhance national security.

About the role
We are looking for a Bioprocess Modeler with a solid background in cell growth and metabolism modeling -- (dynamic) flux balance analysis, genome-scale metabolic models, cellular kinetics, or similar methods. Some experience in numerical optimization and data-driven modeling is also desired. The ideal candidate will be responsible for developing and deploying fit-for-purpose models for simulation and optimization of cell culture and fermentation processes. 

In this role, you will develop and deploy computational models spanning (1) parameter fitting and model selection (e.g., cell growth and metabolism models), (2) operational digital-twin simulations (e.g., enabling robust hybrid models of cell growth and other critical parameters), (3) model-based control (e.g., deploying supervisory control algorithm for batch optimization).

The role of the Bioprocess Modeler is an excellent opportunity for a highly-entrepreneurial, hard-working, self-motivated individual who thrives in a fast-paced, creative environment. The position entails working with a multidisciplinary team as part of a new product development cycle, which includes developing concepts and taking them from initial design and prototyping through commercialization.

Note: the level and corresponding title for this position will be determined based on the candidate's experience and qualifications.


    • Full-time, exempt
    • Cambridge, MA (in-person required)
    • Benefits include health, dental, and vision coverage, holiday and vacation time, 401k matching, stock options, and opportunity for career advancement as the company grows

Key responsibilities

    • Develop models for cell growth and metabolism as well as robust fitting methods for these models
    • Develop and deploy robust algorithms for optimization of cell culture processes (e.g., titer maximization)
    • Develop robust multiphysics models and implement these in modern python
    • Create pipelines for automated data analysis, making use of digital-twin simulations
    • Develop reliable fitting techniques to fit empirical models to noisy bioreactor data
    • Develop reliable model-based control algorithms and soft-sensors
    • Collaborate with clients and partners to translate their process requirements into concrete optimization problems

About you

    • MS or Ph.D. in computational biology, chemical engineering, data-science, operations research, applied mathematics, or other relevant fields
    • Ph.D. or 2+ years of direct experience in cell metabolism modeling and/or numerical simulation of dynamic systems
    • Experience in statistical modeling and parameter estimation
    • Expertise in programming (python) and solving complex differential equations or DAE systems
    • Experience with numerical optimization and familiarity with nonlinear programming solvers
    • End-to-end skills in simulation planning, execution, data analysis, and documentation
    • Understanding unit operations and fundamental engineering principles of mass transfer, heat transfer, and reaction kinetics is a plus
Ark Biotech is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status or disability status.