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The Director of Business Intelligence is a strategic position and central to our plan to scale and evolve our data-driven global enterprise. Reporting to the SVP of Operations and a critical partner to the entire leadership team, this person is responsible for surfacing and generating business-critical insights that ultimately lead to revenue growth and drive strategic decisions.

This role’s contributions will be a crucial driver of Articulate’s business strategy, both to shape the emerging business and expand the dominance of Articulate 360 globally. By tying disparate business and product data together, the Director of Business Intelligence will help map customer journeys of various segments, uncover new opportunities for product, sales, and customer success to drive growth, answer business-critical questions, and more. 

As a cross-functional leader, the person in this role will craft a vision for enterprise data and analytics at Articulate that matches our maturity, aspirations, and culture—and then execute on that vision.

What you'll do:

    • Utilize data from across the organization to explore strategic questions posed by the leadership team
    • Develop new hypotheses using data-driven connections to provide insights and recommendations that impact any and all functions to drive business growth
    • Build relationships across the company to gain perspective beyond what the data says and adopt tactics readily accepted by other stakeholders in our unique organization
    • Develop strategic perspectives on new market opportunities and assess the risks and benefits of critical strategic decisions
    • Own the analysis of the rapidly evolving competitive landscape
    • Recognize process inefficiencies and improvement opportunities across the company
    • Conduct hands-on, advanced analytics from disparate databases and present as distilled, actionable insights and recommendations
    • Provide a deep understanding and analysis of CAC (the cost to acquire a customer), retention, customer segmentation, and customer journeys of various customer and prospect segments
    • Lead customer and prospect life cycle analytics, price sensitivity, cohort sizing analysis, attrition and retention drivers, product interactions, and more
    • Partner with the teams responsible for building and managing the data platform and visualization technologies and advise functional business analytics teams
    • Aid the finance and business operations teams in financial forecasting, LTV analysis, and pipeline analysis

What you should have:

    • The ability to connect data to derive unique and impactful insights not readily apparent when looking at discrete data sets
    • Deep understanding of SaaS data and business metrics
    • Experience identifying, evaluating, analyzing, and answering critical strategic questions and business situations based on in-depth data analysis
    • Proven analytical and quantitative skills with a data-driven approach to problem-solving
    • Creative thinker and “connector” who is deeply grounded in understanding SaaS business and macro trends and economics
    • Highly organized, detail-oriented, and focused on executing at the highest levels
    • Comfortable interacting with senior business leaders and leading strategic discussions
    • Superb verbal, presentation, and written communication skills
    • Excellent organizational and leadership qualities
    • The ability to build positive, collaborative relationships with folks across different teams and at all levels of the organization 
    • Resilient and adaptable, and can thrive in a fast-paced environment 
    • A thoughtful, trustworthy doer who leads by example
    • High EQ
    • Positive, empathetic, driven, collaborative, flexible, and confident, with a learning mindset
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