Computational Biologist / Senior Computational Biologist

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Computational Biology /
Our mission is to radically advance humankind's ability to design living systems. We're developing a mammalian synthetic biology platform to enable biotechnologies with outsized impact, with an initial focus on gene therapies, cell therapies, and protein therapeutics.

We are searching for a Computational Biologist with deep domain experience in multiomics analysis to join our Software Team and work closely with our Synthetic Biology Team. At Asimov, data is core to our platform. We genetically engineer living cells and generate high-dimensional NGS data using RNA-seq, ATAC-seq, ribosome profiling, genome sequencing, and more. The ideal candidate is motivated by designing complex cellular systems and distilling insight from large biological datasets. This is a unique opportunity to work at a nimble, forward-thinking synthetic biology startup and help build the foundation for engineering biology. 

As a Computational Biologist you will have the opportunity to:

    • Contribute to the design and analysis of engineered mammalian cell lines
    • Act as an equal partner to the Synthetic Biology team by guiding experimental workflows and quantitative measurements to ensure statistical rigor
    • Regularly dive deep into the multiomics stack, innovate on analysis techniques, and present findings to our organization, leadership, and partners
    • Explore novel genomics and machine learning algorithms
    • Pair with our software engineers to automate the lifecycle of our cell programming platform through NGS analysis and cutting edge machine learning methods
    • Be directly involved in the long-term computational biology roadmap at Asimov 
    • Be directly involved in building our technology platform, business strategy, and company culture 
About you:
You are a highly skilled technical leader in computational biology with years of experience in an industry or research position. You are passionate about joining an early stage startup where autonomy, passion to learn, and excitement to engineer biology take precedence over process and ego. You embrace ambiguity and always drive for impact. In addition, you have extensive experience with software scripting (e.g., Python and R), analysis of NGS datasets, a strong foundation in statistical design of experiments, a collaborative mindset, and a passion for continuous learning. 

We're fueled by a vision to transform biological engineering into a fully-fledged engineering discipline. Should you join our team, you will grow with a constantly evolving organization and push the frontiers of synthetic biology. Culture is key to Asimov, and ours is a culture of recombination; we believe that our mission can only be achieved by bringing together a diverse team with a mixture of backgrounds and perspectives.