Senior Software Engineer (Infrastructure/Platform)

Boston, MA /
Software /
Our mission at Asimov is to radically advance humankind's ability to design living systems. We're developing a mammalian synthetic biology platform––from cells to software––to enable biotechnologies with outsized impact, with an initial focus on gene therapies, cell therapies, and protein therapeutics.

We are looking for an experienced software engineer with deep knowledge of cloud infrastructure and software platforms to own the velocity, quality and stability of our software products. At Asimov, scalable software systems are a critical component of our mission. We’re building our core cell engineering platform on top of Google Cloud, with a stack that spans Kubernetes (GKE), Docker, BigQuery, Cloud Storage, Scala (data ETL), Python (incl PyTorch) and React. Our software directly aids the design of living systems through laboratory automation, bioinformatics workflows, and machine learning tools. 

We need you to help us build the infrastructure that makes all this possible. We have built a strong, cross-functional organization and believe deeply in cross-pollination: taking time to learn from our peers. Potential projects and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

* Ownership of internal developer velocity. Design and implement solutions to our engineers’ most pressing issues. Example projects include driving adoption (or not!) of novel dev paradigms and tools such as FAAS, Helm 3, Dhall vs Cue, structured logging, secret/key management, Pulumi, Isopod, project templates (e.g. Cookiecutter).

* Contribute to the ongoing design and development of our cell programming platform, including the underlying genetic compiler and simulation engine. This will include a broad range of contributions spanning scaling bioinformatics and data ETL workflows. Potential projects include building genome-scale assembly algorithms and architecting high-throughput data warehousing solutions for batch and streaming datasets.

* Help build a culture of operational readiness by contributing to discussions and processes around code ownership, alerting, zero-downtime infrastructural upgrades, scalable integration testing.

Beyond technical skills, we are looking for individuals who are:

    • Clear in their communication of architecture decisions through design documents
    • Interested in adopting and contributing back to open source projects 
    • Embracing ambiguity and driving for impact
    • Excited to partner closely with and learn from our synthetic biology team 
    • Interested in helping define the company product, direction and culture
About you:
You are a highly skilled software engineer with years of experience in industry. You are passionate about joining an early stage startup where autonomy, passion to learn, and excitement to engineer biology take precedence over process and ego. If you have a background in genetics or cellular biology, great! If not, you have strong experience software systems, cloud infrastructures, build and deploy systems with a passion to learn the science.

We're fueled by a vision to transform biological engineering into a fully-fledged engineering discipline. Should you join our team, you will grow with a constantly evolving organization and push the frontiers of synthetic biology. Company culture is key to Asimov, and ours is a culture of recombination; we believe that our mission can only be achieved by bringing together a diverse team with a mixture of backgrounds and perspectives.