Senior Associate Scientist, Cell Line Development

Boston, MA /
Synthetic Biology /
Our mission at Asimov is to radically advance humankind's ability to design living systems. We're developing a mammalian synthetic biology platform––from cells to software––to enable biotechnologies with outsized impact, with an initial focus on gene therapies, cell therapies, and protein therapeutics.

We are seeking a full-time Senior Associate Scientist to join our cell line development team in Boston, MA. You will be responsible for conducting laboratory experiments in support of the generation and characterization of CHO and HEK cell lines expressing the highest quantity and quality of protein and viral vector biotherapeutics.  You will work closely with Asimov’s synthetic biology and process development teams and use state-of-the-art cell line development equipment.  This is a unique opportunity to work at a nimble, forward-thinking synthetic biology startup and help build the future of biological engineering.

As part of the Cell Line Development Team, you will:

    • Perform cell culture, AMBR bioreactor, and/or analytical analyses as part of CHO and HEK cell line development
    • Evaluate and develop new cell biology, molecular biology, or equipment technologies to improve productivity, product quality, and shorten timelines
    • Design experiments, analyze data, troubleshoot, and maintain detailed records
    • Work effectively as part of a cross-functional team in support of a synthetic biology design platform
    • Present scientific data to colleagues and clients, and assist in the preparation of presentations and summary reports


    • B.S or B.A. in Biological Engineering, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, or a related field
    • 3+ years of experience performing either CHO- or HEK-based cell line development in an academic or industry setting
    • Ability to work both independently and in a collaborative team environment
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills
    • Experience with bioreactors, bioproduction, protein analytics, or GMP regulation a plus
We're fueled by a vision to transform biological engineering into a fully-fledged engineering discipline. Should you join our team, you will grow with a constantly evolving organization and push the frontiers of synthetic biology. Company culture is key to Asimov, and ours is a culture of recombination; we believe that our mission can only be achieved by bringing together a diverse team with a mixture of backgrounds and perspectives.