Senior / Principal Software Engineer (Front End)

Boston, MA /
Software /
Our mission is to radically advance humankind's ability to design living systems. We're developing a mammalian synthetic biology platform to enable biotechnologies with outsized impact, with an initial focus on gene therapies, cell therapies, and protein therapeutics.

We are looking for a seasoned front end engineer to support and scale our customer-facing cell programming platform. This is a crucial position, sitting at the center between our software development team, platform team, computational biology and our customers. Products you build will directly impact our customers’ abilities to design next generation therapeutics.


    • Interface with executive team and customers to derive features and products that will solve the most pressing challenges faced by synthetic biologists globally
    • Design and implement these features and products within our SOA
    • Architect resilient backend systems including asynchronous bioinformatics workflows, interfaces to machine learning systems, robust deployment strategies and user/configuration management
    • Define and build out our API layer to programmatically interface our software with the rest of the world
    • Develop, iterate on and improve dynamic, single-page applications for high dimensional biological data visualization, human machine interfaces for interfacing expert biologists with machine learning systems and solving user experience challenges with navigating large ontologies of biological parts.


    • At least 4 years of professional software engineering experience
    • Proficiency with modern JavaScript web development practices including coding, testing, debugging, and automation techniques
    • Experience designing and building distributed and scalable systems and applications
    • A solid understanding of cloud platforms like AWS or GCP
    • Familiarity with with relational databases and related management systems
    • Experience building and orchestrating task/message queue-based services
    • Excellent written and verbal and communication skills
    • (Preferred) Experience with React and TypeScript
    • (Preferred) Experience using Python frameworks like Django and Flask 
    • (Preferred) Experience with GraphQL-based APIs and libraries
    • (Preferred) Experience with Docker, Kubernetes and CI/CD pipelines
    • (Preferred) Familiarity with plotting and visualization libraries like D3.js and Vega
    • (Preferred) Experience with CSS-in-JS libraries like Styled Components or Emotion
    • (Preferred) Prior experience with bioinformatics or other large-scale data pipelines

Beyond technical skills, we are looking for individuals who are:

    • Clear in their communication of architectures through well written design documents
    • Interested in adopting and contributing to open source projects and publishing blog posts on our advances
    • Embracing ambiguity and driving for impact
    • Excited to partner closely with and learn from our synthetic biology team 
    • Interested in owning roles to help define our company product, direction and culture
About you:
You are a highly skilled software engineer with years of industry experience. You are enthusiastic about joining an early stage startup where autonomy, eagerness to learn, and excitement to engineer biology take precedence over process and ego. Our ideal candidate will have built tools and systems for bioinformatics and computational biology platforms. If not, you have strong experience designing and engineering software systems with a deep passion to learn the science.

We're fueled by a vision to transform biological engineering into a fully-fledged engineering discipline. Should you join our team, you will grow with a constantly evolving organization and push the frontiers of synthetic biology. Culture is key to Asimov, and ours is a culture of recombination; we believe that our mission can only be achieved by bringing together a diverse team with a mixture of backgrounds and perspectives.