Scientist, Automated Molecular Biology

Boston, MA /
DNA & Strain Construction /
Our mission at Asimov is to radically advance humankind's ability to design living systems. We're developing a mammalian synthetic biology platform––from cells to software––to enable biotechnologies with outsized impact, with an initial focus on gene therapies, cell therapies, and protein therapeutics.

Position: We are seeking a full-time Scientist to develop an automated high-throughput cloning pipeline. You will also have the opportunity to work closely with synthetic biologists and use the latest molecular biology and automation techniques. This is a unique opportunity to work at a nimble, forward-thinking synthetic biology startup and help build the foundation for engineering biology.

As part of the DNA & Strain Construction Team you will:

    • Lead the effort to develop automated protocols for high-throughput cloning
    • Help architect the end-to-end automated cloning workflow
    • Collaborate with the automation team to develop LIMS and lab operations software to support the high-throughput cloning pipeline
    • Play a key role in developing cloning SOPs
    • Contribute to the day-to-day cloning activities
    • Work effectively as part of a multifunctional team
    • Communicate opportunities for internal process improvements

Minimum qualifications:

    • M.S. or Ph.D. in biology, biochemistry, biological engineering, or related field and a minimum of 3 years high-throughput cloning experience.
    • Hands-on experience with molecular cloning protocols, including DNA extraction, PCR, assembly, culturing of E. coli, and preparing samples for Sanger or Next Generation Sequencing.
    • Hands-on experience with running high-throughput cloning processes.
    • Hands-on experience with liquid handlers and other automation equipment.
    • Hands-on experience working with LIMS.
    • Detail-oriented and organized with strong communication skills, capable of working on a highly integrated research team.
    • Highly collaborative, team-oriented mindset with strong verbal and written communication skills.
    • Ability to critically analyze and interpret data, and effectively document and communicate results.

Preferred qualifications:

    • Experience with Next Generation Sequencing technologies.
    • Experience with developing and streamlining HT cloning processes.
    • Experience with LIMS development.
    • Experience with programming liquid handlers or scientific programming languages, such as Python.
We're fueled by a vision to transform biological engineering into a fully-fledged engineering discipline. Should you join our team, you will grow with a constantly evolving organization and push the frontiers of synthetic biology. Company culture is key to Asimov, and ours is a culture of recombination; we believe that our mission can only be achieved by bringing together a diverse team with a mixture of backgrounds and perspectives.