Advisory Board Student Director

Queen's University
Advisory Board

The ASUS Advisory Board is the oversight body for the Society. Effectively acting as a Board of Directors, it is an objective third-party that provides strategic advice and financial oversight. The Board is also responsible for the maintenance and distribution of a discretionary fund of approximately $100,000. As a student director, successful applicants will have the opportunity to be intimately involved with the running of ASUS, work closely with the ASUS Executive, Commissioners, and Officers, and work to ensure the long-term financial and strategic stability of the Society.

Applications will be available from Monday March 13th until Tuesday March 28th, 2016 at 4pm SHARP.
**Eligible candidates must have paid the Arts & Science Undergraduate Society Fee

Time Commitment

    • 8-month term from September 1, 2017 to May 1st, 2018 with a time commitment of 2-5 hours/week

Duties and Responsibilities

    • Attend bi-weekly meetings of the Board and Committees.
    • Work within sub committees to create Society Strategic and Plans and solve Governance and Policy issues
    • Meet with an ASUS Commissioners once per month to provide financial oversight and strategic guidance.
    • Review all applications for financial aid from the ASUS Discretionary Fund and provide diligent and thorough feedback.
    • Provide financial and strategic guidance to the Society.

Useful Contacts

    • Darren Baga, ASUS President, 2016-2017, at
    • Henry Machum, Advisory Board Chair, 2016-2017 at
    • Samantha Figenshaw, Human Resources Officer, 2016-2017, at