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Why is this role important for us? 🔗

    • We believe that great customer service is a company value, not a job role that you can hire for. Every single person in the company is responsible for creating delight in the lives of our users. Doing what's right for the customer is baked into the Atlan DNA.
    • As Atlan grows at a rapid pace, we continue to encounter diverse technology stacks, and our customers need our help in integrating Atlan into this stack. Therefore we are scaling our Customer Solutions Architecture group to better integrate Atlan into the customer Landscape.
    • Atlan is built upon an Open API framework and the Customer Solution Architecture Team is at the forefront of driving Innovation for our customers using this framework.
    • As part of the Customer Solution Architecture team, be part of a highly motivated and driven Customer Experience group working with amazing data teams at customers such as Plaid, Monster and WeWork.
    • If you're looking for a high-impact opportunity at a fast-growing startup and truly believe that user and customer delight can be one of the biggest moats for a company, this is the role for you.

Your mission at Atlan 🌟

    • At Atlan, the customer Journey is broken into three parts - Onboarding, Adoption and Innovation. The Customer Solution Architects (CSA) are integral in helping our customers through all three phases of their journey.
    • The CSA team works closely with the Customer Success Manager as well as Customer teams of Data Architects, Data Engineers and Data Platform owners to onboard customers onto Atlan, drive Atlan adoption and use the power of Active Metadata to automate and innovate.
    • During the Onboarding phase, the CSA team focuses on Integrating Atlan into the customer tech stack. Integrations include Snowflake, Redshift, Databricks, Bigquery, DBT, Tableau, Looker and many more.
    • During the Adoption phase, the CSA team focuses on driving adoption for use cases such as Data Discovery, Data Governance, Metric Management, Embedded collaboration and more.
    • During the Innovation phase, the CSA team drives significant customer value by using Active Metadata to power automation and Innovation in the form of use cases such as Auto PII detection, Active metadata management, dynamic data pipeline management and more.
    • The CSA team is also the bridge between the Customer Experience Group and Product and Engineering, working closely to ensure customer feedback is communicated to Product, and guiding the future growth of Atlan.
    • As part of the the CSA team, you will build expertise in tools in the Modern Data Stack and be the trusted advisor to help and guide Customer stakeholders
    • As part of the CSA team, you will partner closely with Sales, Product, Engineering and Marketing to build thought leadership and expertise in the Active Metadata category!

What makes you a great match for us? 😍

    • You have multiple years of experience in customer-facing technical roles (Consulting, Field Engineer, Solutions Engineer, Sales Engineer, Solution Architect).
    • You have hands-on, management or consulting experience in Data Engineering and Analytics.
    • You are familiar with the tools, terminology, architecture, processes and best practices for Data Warehouses and Data Lakes, ELT/ETL, Business Intelligence, orchestration, and data quality tools.
    • Highly value prior experience with tools across the data estate including Snowflake, dbt, Fivetran, Airflow, Monte Carlo, and any major BI tool (e.g. Looker, Tableau, Power BI, Sigma and Thoughtspot).
    • Experienced using APIs and in one or multiple coding languages with a strong preference for Python.
    • Knowledge of Cloud architecture fundamentals in AWS, Azure or GCP - Highly available fault tolerant systems, IAM policies, security groups, networking (vpc peering and privatelink).
    • Bonus if you have exposure to serverless computing, distributed systems, and streaming platforms (e.g. Kafka, Kinesis, Pub/Sub).
    • Desire to deepen your knowledge in current technologies and learn new ones.
    • Expertise in managing customer challenges to resolution.