Data Engineer (CX)

Customer Experience – Customer Solutions Architecture /
Full Time /
Join our dynamic team as a Data Engineer and play a pivotal role in driving exceptional onboarding experiences for our global customers. Collaborating closely with our Customer Solution Architects, you will be at the forefront of implementing cutting-edge solutions that optimize data integration across diverse tools across multiple complex data ecosystems.

Unleash your passion for transforming data architecture designs into seamless, impactful solutions. As a key player in our CX team, you'll not only test and implement these solutions but also leverage your Data Engineering expertise to contribute to the success of the Atlan platform. The role also provides an opportunity to grow into a Solutions Architect, guiding customers to drive real impact and empowering the humans of data to achieve more together!

What will you do? 🤔

    • Work closely with our Solution Architects to understand and contribute to implementing real-time use cases atop the Atlan platform.
    • Translate data architecture designs into effective and efficient solutions for our customers.
    • Test and deploy data ingestion and data integration solutions.
    • Sync Metadata in Atlan with other data sources.
    • Utilise existing APIs or SDKs to seamlessly integrate Atlan into the customer's ecosystem.

What makes you a great match for us? 😍

    • Data Engineering experience with hands-on experience in building and deploying data pipelines.
    • Data Integration proficiency leveraging Python to develop robust and efficient data pipelines.
    • Prior experience leveraging APIs for data integration across multiple data sources.
    • Experience troubleshooting and optimizing data pipeline performance is a plus.
Do your life’s best work at Atlan 🚀

At Atlan, our mission is to help data teams do their life's best work. Inside Atlan, our goal is to help Atlanians do their life's best work while at Atlan and reach their Ikigai.

We'd normally invite potential Atlanians to our office to meet our team and understand our culture. But given the global pandemic, we've opened up our internal team handbook instead, which is a great read about our values and principles and how we think about growth and internal practices as we build a dream team.

Atlan Team Handbook
The Values of an Atlanian

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