Engineering Internship (6 months)

New Delhi
Full-time, Internship
Hello, we are Atlan! πŸ‘‹

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We are reimagining the human experience of working with data. Join us on our mission of helping data teams around the world do their lives’ best work! 

We build with all our ❀️

Our customers work on solving some big, tough problems. We make this experience an absolute delight. The result? Only wins! 🌟

And nothing makes us happier than seeing our customers winning. This is why we are building a team with strong values, love for our users, and people who put their heart and soul in everything they do.

Do your life’s best work πŸš€

From man’s first step on the moon to our first flight, there were extraordinary Humans of Data backing the great achievements of mankind. We believe that our achievements in the future β€” landing on Mars, the cure for cancer, self-driving cars β€” will always be backed by data teams working behind the scenes. We are looking for engineering interns to help us power data teams around the world and do incredible things. Some of the roles we are hiring for include:

Backend Engineering Interns: While data should be easily accessible to those who need it, you will serve as the gatekeeper to all data at Atlan. You will abstract away complex data interactions with easy-to-use APIs that will power everything from web applications to Internet of Things. You will own, scale, and maintain the compute and storage infrastructure for the various product teams. These include infrastructure for long running jobs, always up shared or common microservices, and search infrastructure, to name a few.

Technology Stack: Javascript, Python, Elastic Search, MongoDB & Node JS

Frontend Engineering Interns: You will work across three verticals – designing an eye-catching and responsive user interface, building simple and seamless experience for our users, and implementing the background functionality in the most cost-effective and memory-friendly way. You'll interact with the Backend Engineers to set up integrations, and design the storage and querying infrastructure. Setting up SDKs to interact with the backend over HTTP, and doing so in the most secure and object-oriented way, will be the crux of your implementations.

Technology Stack: JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone JS, Vue JS, HTML, CSS

DevOps Engineering Interns: You will be responsible for managing and building upon the infrastructure that supports our products. You'll also be involved in building tools and establishing processes to empower developers to deploy and release their code seamlessly.You are expected to possess a solid understanding of system internals and distributed systems. You should have the zeal to establish a culture of infrastructure awareness and transparency across teams and products.

Technology Stack: Configuration management tools (Ansible/Chef/Puppet), Cloud Service Providers (AWS/DigitalOcean), Docker and Kubernetes ecosystem is a plus.
This will be unlike any tech team you know, we are building a tech community. Our team is passionate about making the lives of Humans of Data easy. We love contributing to the community and open-source projects, and we do not shy away from experimenting and collaborating to find the best possible solutions for our users.

At Atlan, we celebrate diversity and uniqueness. If you are interested in helping us build a home for data teams, we’d suggest you apply now! πŸ‘‡