Data Science Internship

New Delhi

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Data Science Internship

  • What are 3 reasons you're excited to work at Atlan?✱
  • Tell us about the most interesting and relevant data project that you worked on. Why was it the most interesting? What role did you play, and what tools/concepts did you use?✱
  • If given a chance to pick from the following pieces of a data project, which three pieces are you are most interested in?✱
  • Link to your Github, Kaggle, Hackerrank, blog, or any other online profile.✱
  • Which academic year are you in?✱
  • How long are you available for this internship?✱
  • When are you available for the internship? (Please specify the expected start and end dates.)✱
  • Which of the following languages are you comfortable with?✱
  • What/when is the latest data science book/article you read? Share it here!✱
  • What would be the value at 75th percentile for a data distribution series with mean = 5, variance = 11.5, skewness = 13.5, kurtosis = 224.5, and n = 4?✱
  • You are tasked with an open-ended problem statement to develop a data product that can measure the affluence in localities of metro cities in India. Choose the city that you are most comfortable with. How would go about solving this problem? Which data sources would you use?✱
  • How did you come across Atlan and this position?✱

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