Software Engineer (mid-level)

San Francisco
Atrium LTS – Engineering

Atrium is a data-driven law firm designed to make access to corporate legal services transparent and price-predictable for everyone. Atrium LTS is doing this by building the first structured data platform for organizational data. We use modern techniques for extracting data that is locked away in legal documents then modeling out how that data should be structured, and inventing new ways for lawyers and paralegals to interact with the resulting structured data to help advise clients.

Atrium LTS's technology provides a better experience for legal clients than they previously thought possible, increasing communication and speed of service.

First Principles that define the Engineering A-Team:
- Product-minded - We work closely with our users (lawyers & clients) to understand their needs, so we can develop tools to make their jobs and lives easier.
- Ownership & Delivery - We work in small cross-functional teams, making a large impact on the products we create from idea to launch.
- Iterate quickly - We have a bias to build MVPs and collect direct feedback from the users of our software for faster iteration.

As a mid-level engineer, you will have a unique opportunity to build tools and contribute to products that our lawyers and their clients will use on a daily basis. To do this, you will work alongside lawyers, paralegals, experienced engineers, a product manager, and our CTO and CEO.

Your work will be highly impactful by helping to automate thousands of hours of legal work. Small tools and new features may be implemented in a matter of a day, and fast iteration is ideal to make the tools more useful and efficient. We are using modern techniques such as machine learning to work with documents and emails to help classify, extract from and summarize intelligently. We are a fast-growing company with significant opportunities to improve on and develop new skills across the company, tech stack, and from senior engineers.

What you’ll get to do:

    • Develop full stack web applications and future mobile apps in Ruby on Rails, Python, Node, JavaScript (using Vue), and other modern languages
    • Work closely with attorneys and paralegals to learn their workflows and define features to build the software they use in their practice, every day
    • Build workflows to turn a company's legal documents into data and then extract relevant data to provide insights to lawyers and, in turn, back to their client companies
    • Build and use internal services and APIs that our products depend on
    • Integrate with existing legal technology products that we and others have developed
    • Collaborate with other top engineers and get mentorship from those with more experience

What you need to be successful:

    • At least 3+ years work experience developing workflow tools, customer-facing dashboards, or web applications in a dynamic language - Ruby, Python or Node
    • Strong proficiency of Javascript plus working knowledge of frameworks like Vue, Angular, or React
    • Experience with SQL databases (we use Postgres) plus some familiarity with NoSQL like Redis, MongoDB or Firebase
    • You’ve worked in production environments and have a solid understanding of web fundamentals like HTTP, HTML, CSS, caching, DNS
    • Prior experience consuming APIs; bonus if you’ve built your own
    • Enthusiasm for collaborating with small service-oriented teams to solve problems and move quickly

What you’ll get from Atrium:

    • The unique opportunity to join an early stage company disrupting a traditional industry. We're not just another legal tech company, we're transforming how legal services are provided!
    • Top-tier mentorship from experienced founders
    • A meaningful stake in a rapidly growing Series A company
    • Catered lunch every day and a Bevi machine
    • Beautiful San Francisco office near 4th & King Caltrain