Front End Developer

San Mateo

AtScale bridges the gap between business users and their data.

The average enterprise sits on a mountain of data that business users could use to drive better performance. Unfortunately, most enterprises are not equipped to gain value out of their data: according to Forrester, close to 75% of the data stored within an enterprise goes unused.  Enterprises need ways to deliver data to business users with simplicity, speed and security.

Back in 2009 at Yahoo!, AtScale’s founding team experienced this first hand, and witnessed the power and potential of Hadoop.  However, we struggled to make the data in Hadoop accessible to the business users who needed it.  Tired of moving data into expensive, legacy databases, the AtScale team decided to build what they could not buy. 

We’re looking to add more people to our team. There’s much to do, and we need a few more great Javascript engineers.
We’re solving legitimately hard business intelligence problems for our clients with smart software. We’re building a browser-based, real-time, multi-user data-modeling web application that our customers have honestly never experienced before, and they love it.
Our toolchain includes ES6 (transformed via Babel), Websockets (with a WAMP and JWT layer), D3, React, a lot of vanilla Javascript and it’s all assembled with Webpack. If you’re interested in programming in Javascript, this is it. We’re building a full-blown application in the browser, and if that sounds interesting to you, we’d love to hear from you!

So here’s some specifics about what we’re looking for:

    • You make the browser dance with Javascript, doing things others didn’t even think was possible.
    • You’ve gone well beyond jQuery, and you’re writing entire applications in Javascript.
    • D3 and SVG in the browser is very interesting to you.
    • You’re excited about finally using WebSockets in a production environment.
    • You know what `this` is.

Desired Skills & Experience

    • 5+ years Javascript application development experience
    • Someone who cares about code quality
    • You love, and hate, Javascript simultaneously
    • That’s it.