Javascript Engineer

San Mateo, CA

There’s a lot of data out there. AtScale is a platform that helps companies extract knowledge from their data.

We’re just going to keep saying buzzwords until you sign an employment contract. Then we’ll stop. Maybe.

The Javascript team is tight-knit, and absolutely essential to the success of our product. We need people that can come into that environment, and use the autonomy and freedom that our position provides to ship high-quality, high-impact code.

We're looking for people with a strong background in Javascript. Maybe you even hate it a little bit. But you’ve persisted, you've built Javascript applications, maybe with React, maybe with a Node backend, and you're interested in thinking creatively to solve problems which have not been solved before.

Our ideal candidate...

    • ...has written entire applications in Javascript, likely using Node
    • ...loves solving new problems that don't have "off the shelf" solutions
    • excited to try out new and emerging features of Javascript
    • ...tolerates puns, even real bad ones.
    • ...has at least 3 years experience shipping Javascript to customers
    • ...enjoys bamboozling coworkers playing board games during lunch

What's it like to work at AtScale?

AtScale is helping the world access its data. The Big Data Revolution allowed businesses to store a near-infinite amount of data, but accessing that data was slow and painful. Existing tools meant to visualize data weren't prepared to work with these new technologies. AtScale aims to make it fast and easy to access all your data.

AtScale is fundamentally an engineering company. AtScale solves unanswered questions every day, and therefore hires people from a multitude of technical backgrounds who can think creatively and handle some of the most challenging problems facing the modern big data landscape. From accessing billions or even trillions of rows of data in mere seconds, to working with a wide array of frequently changing big data technologies, to working with some of the most active and exciting branches of technology development in the industry, AtScale engineers are used to solving problems which simply have not been solved before.

We shape AtScale to be the kind of company we've always wanted to work at - a company of warm, inclusive and inquisitive people who treat their colleagues with respect and equality. Engineers are given tremendous autonomy and authority over their work. We value throughput over predictability. Our engineers freely work alongside other teams, including sales and support when the need arises. Our engineers have the opportunity to work directly with our customers, which we believe equips them with the best possible understanding of our customer's needs.

In both our product and our culture, we aim to create a more open, connected and knowledgable world.