Senior Sales Development Representative

San Mateo, CA
This is not your typical Silicon Valley SDR position!  This is a big step up because Account Based Marketing changed the game for AtScale and the traditional SDR role is not what we are looking to hire.  The role requires someone who has a year of traditional  successful SDR experience but is looking for a more fulfilling career but may not be ready just yet to jump into a closing position.  We are offering advancement within the organization to potentially be closing business when milestones are accomplished.

What you will be doing:

    • Conducting customized high touch campaigns to very large target accounts
    •     Getting face to face time with your prospects at events
    •     Building relationships with contacts who fit our ICP
    •     Educating prospects on AtScale solutions
    •     Building value in the account
    •     Detective work on how best to connect and engage with prospects
    •     Building the beginning of a six figure enterprise deal teamed with the AE
    •     Managing top of funnel business at very large enterprise accounts

What we want:

    • Smart SDR’s or BDR’s with “Sales DNA” that we could see being in the field some day
    •     Accountable and innately responsible with great work ethic
    •     Hungry to learn how to be a field Sales Rep
    •     Personable with outstanding communication skills
    •     Detail oriented and has critical thinking skills
    •     Driven to win and be successful at anything you do
    •     Willing to learn from your mistakes
    •     Sense of humor