Network Analyst, IT

Calgary, AB
About You
You want to work for a fast-paced company that thinks big and dreams huge. You are driven, view work as more than just a job, and are never satisfied with a project left half-done. You have a strong sense of personal ownership and responsibility for completion of objectives on time. You want to figure out why things tick which makes you tick but very little ticks you off. You want to think outside of the box and continually challenge your own limits, as well as those around you. You have a mad scientist mentality where you want to be part of the robots building robots revolution.

About ATTAbotics
ATTAbotics provides a robotic warehousing and fulfillment system that is being noticed by industry experts including some of the top global automation companies in the world. ATTAbotics has a very disruptive technology that has the potential to redefine the e-Commerce and warehousing fulfillment market. ATTAbotics has taken a different perspective on the technology. Instead of developing technology to speed the human workload, ATTAbotics is creating a robotic centric storage and retrieval system. A goods to person system that can be deployed in an extremely small space, for a lower entry level cost, providing industry leading throughput.

Who you are:

    • Networking, IT or Computer Science designation, 10+ years of experience in a variety of environments
    • Expertise in key technologies including Internet protocol suite, Meraki-Cisco, Digi-xBee, Azure-o365, Windows OS and related networking
    • Excellent interpersonal skills, experience analyzing and communicating requirements, collaborative team player with a strong work ethic, initiative and a self-starter
    • Must be self-motivated and have a strong desire and interest in learning about technology, keeping abreast of the latest changes and solutions, and to be constantly learning and challenging oneself to seek leading edge technology solutions
    • Preference will also be given to candidates with Azure, Linux, Nutanix, as well as reporting-scripting experience
    • Previous experience planning, designing, developing and implementing repeatable, enterprise ready solutions is an asset 

What we need:

    • Develop at Framework for best practice for delivery and ongoing integrity of our networking across, cloud, wired and wireless resources and devices
    • Align systems to monitoring adhere to change control protocols and configuration management planning practice
    • Ensure documentation in CMDB is current and meaningfully tracks systems in our networking, designs and administrative framework adheres to change control protocols and configuration management planning practice
    • Plan, organize and execute on technical solutions as directed required throughout ATTAbotics 
    • Ongoing analysis of our networking and our evolving technology environment. Creation of solution prototypes. Participating in technology selection to ensure they can adhere to our security objectives
    • Liaising with key internal software, embedded development groups as well as project management groups to ensure ongoing align environment and controls with our internal, external and client site resources
    • System health and security analysis, maintenance of records in CMDB on network equipment, accounts, dependencies of systems, and equipment and investigate any exceptions or security lapses to prevent them in the future
    • Responsible ensuring systems ongoing alignment of network configurations to adhere to security, continuity planning and disaster recovery strategies
If this description describes you perfectly and the work environment you know you can thrive in, send us your resume as well as describe to us what you’re passionate about and we may just reach out to you.

ATTAbotics is committed to employing the best people to do the best job possible within our environment. We hire based on merit and are strongly committed to cultivating diversity as a source of excellence. ATTAbotics firmly believes that a vast array of perspectives produces and promotes innovation and business success. Our corporate diversity encompasses differences in ethnicity, gender identity or expression, language, age, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic status, physical and mental ability and education.

ATTAbotics promotes a corporate safety culture where employees’ health, safety & well being is number one and with the ultimate goal of establishing a zero incident work environment.