Head of Account Management

London /
Commercial – Account Management /
Full-Time, permanent
Founded in mid-2015 to make consumer research simple and accessible for anyone, anywhere, Attest is a fast-growing scaleup backed by investors including Silicon Valley leader NEA. Attest is striving toward a world in which anyone can put consumers and data at the heart of every decision, to create and deliver better, more useful services, products and experiences for real people and communities worldwide.

In 2019, our team tripled to nearly 100 people, and together we achieved huge commercial, technical and people success. Our plans for 2020 and beyond are big and exciting, and our team is growing fast.

A robust set of shared values unites our team. We invest in each other to ensure every Attester has the opportunity, support and encouragement to realise their full potential. We strongly believe everyone should have the autonomy to freely explore new ideas and have a voice in shaping the future of Attest, whilst making sure that the work we do genuinely makes a difference.

What you’ll be doing

Setting strategy and processes. You’ll be leading and building the function, and establishing what excellence looks like for the team. Codifying best practices, creating playbooks and bedding in processes are going to be core to long-term success and scaling this critical part of our revenue operations.

Using data to guide success. To ensure you’re establishing best practices based on what works at Attest, you’ll need to consistently review data to find patterns of success, and bring new external ideas into Attest. What indicators show a client is likely to churn? Do certain metrics show expansion opportunities? Which concepts and features drive delight and lead to up-sell? It’s your responsibility to apply an analytical lens to the wealth of data available to you, using (and adding to) metrics to elevate your whole team’s performance.

Hiring, training and coaching. As a seasoned leader of client success/account management, you’ll know the importance of finding and hiring the best account managers to build trusted relationships and advise clients. You will manage your talent pipeline in the same way that you manage your sales pipeline so that it is predictable and repeatable. You will also provide effective coaching, deliver regular training programmes, and support your team to become ever more successful and accomplished in their positions. We want ‘account management at Attest’ to become a heuristic for excellence.

Collaborating. As one of the senior revenue leaders, you’re empowered to build this function, make decisions and innovate. You must do so with other teams in mind, collaborating to ensure your strategy is aligned with those around you. No function is an island, and your long-term success will depend on working well with others.

Growing revenues. You will be expected to provide regular, accurate reports and forecasts to our Board. This will include detailed and insightful commentary on pipeline, ARR growth, quota attainment, individual performance, commissions, significant closed won/lost renewals and team KPIs.

Who you are

A leader. You have a passion for people and their progression. You define your success based on their success, and take the time to get the best out of individuals. You’re also comfortable making tough decisions, and you’re comfortable with a fast-paced environment.

People person. Forging and maintaining strong relationships both internally and externally is second-nature to you. You have a natural ability to build rapport quickly, and you’re committed to adding value to all your interactions, quickly becoming a trusted advisor to those around you.

Analytical. You’re confident working with dashboards, data and technology. You know how valuable they are, and how to utilise their insights to drive performance across the team. You know what metrics to look for, and the most valuable data to focus on. Experience of salesforce and other sales tools would be a huge advantage.

A builder. You are happy to establish and embed new processes into a team, while being open to feedback and new ways of doing things. You can find, hire, train and retain talent. You’re always looking for blockers, finding ways to remove them, and thinking about future scale while achieving today’s goals.

Team player. You have the wisdom to know that you don’t know everything, and the humility to ask for help from those around you. You want to be part of a wider revenue team, celebrate shared successes, and collaborate with colleagues.

Ambitious. You’ll be ambitious for your team, the company and your clients. Always pushing for greater achievements and value creation, and providing the necessary support to get there. Attest has a huge, global opportunity to create a new category - you’d like to play a pivotal role in helping us achieve our goals.

What you’ll bring to Attest

Training excellence. You should have 3-5+ years leadership experience at a company with a reputation for AM/Client Success excellence, and created/delivered key parts of their training programme.

SaaS (enterprise) experience. You have 5-10+ years track record of exceeding targets and performing in competitive environments. You know how to deal in complex 6-7 figure deals with FTSE 250 companies, and how to teach others to do the same.

Consumer Insights/ Market Research knowledge. You'll know the industry we work within and the various challenges of delivering deep consumer insights across both mid market and sophisticated global brands.

Scaleup experience. Ideally you’ve helped build functional teams in a fast-paced, high growth environment where you ‘built the plane after you jumped off the ledge.’ This may have been as the team leader, or a key early-player in the team.

Confidence. Client Success is ultimately about inspiring confidence. You’ll be able to win your client’s confidence through delivering sound strategic advice and guiding them to unlocking new value for their business. Through your business acumen and applied problem solving, you’ll help Attest to build a category by changing the status-quo at thousands of global brands.

Innovation. You’ll have a track record of leading the direction of your company through strategic initiatives and ambitious change programmes, with the hard-won lessons than came from trying something new. You’ll be comfortable educating us on where we can improve, and how others can help you; we promise to respond with high energy and support!

The Interview Process

You can see an overview of the interview process, including who is involved, on this page.

We believe in full transparency. We know that applying for a role and spending time with us in interviews is a significant commitment of your time and energy. We appreciate that there are many companies out there hiring, and there are only so many processes you will be able to commit to participating in fully, so having some visibility of what the process will include may help you plan and choose how to spend your time and energy. We publish our interview process for each role transparently from the start, so you have full visibility of the stages, the things we'll be covering, whether there is a task involved, and who you are likely to meet during the process.

We're always open to and welcoming of candidate feedback on the interview experience with Attest, and in particular, on the process outlined - if there are folks you think are important for you to meet to get to know us better and help strengthen your decision of whether to join us, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can make adjustments to the overall process as necessary; we may not always be able to make it happen, but we'll definitely try!
In return, we’ll give you…

Our benefits and perks are designed with a focus on the wellbeing, engagement, and growth of our Attesters. In addition to the below overview, we publish details on all benefits available, including location-specific benefits, openly and transparently on our Notion pages.

>A competitive salary - that fairly recognises your experience and potential;
>25 days (UK) or 23 days (US) paid holiday (+public holidays) per year - we care about our team’s wellbeing, so we make sure you have time to fully switch off, rest, and recharge;
>Up to 2 additional full company days off annually for Attest's Christmas 'office closure'. These are set by Attest, and are usually the days of Christmas Eve and New Years Eve to the extent they fall on business days. We will let everyone know in advance which days will these will be.
>Flexible working hours and remote working - whether you have parental responsibilities, just need some headspace, or prefer to structure your working balance a bit differently, we value responsible autonomy and default to trust; we’ll support you in making your work and personal life a manageable blend. We're currently working fully remotely due to covid-19; you can read more about how we approach that in our Guide to fully remote working at Attest.
>10% time - to invest in charitable activities, your growth and development, and/or side projects for Attest;
>10 fully-paid sick days per year - mental health and physical health are treated equally at Attest and apply regardless of location. Whether you’ve been knocked out with the flu, are having an operation, or need some time off to manage anxiety, stress or depression, for example, we encourage all our Attesters to rest up and come back when they’re feeling more like themselves;
> £/$500 per person annual Growth & Development fund - we care deeply about your personal and professional growth and development, so in addition to other structured Growth & Development initiatives we offer throughout the year, we also provide every Attester with £/$500 via Sunlight.is annually, to spend on courses, books and further development of your choosing.
>Sanctus - Remote coaching sessions with fully qualified coaches 2 x per month through Sanctus. Sessions are private to you and your coach, and a space for you to use as you see fit. As coaches are usually UK based, we ask all Attesters to be mindful of booking afternoon slots where morning slots are available, to be considerate of our international colleagues who may only be able to make use of slots that fall later in the day.
> 24/7 Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) - all Attesters have access to Employee Assistance Programmes, including accessing confidential telephone counselling 24/7, advice on debt, housing, and beyond.
>High-quality Equipment - we’ll invest to provide you with the right tools and set-up to help you do your best work;
>A values-led working environment - that encourages putting people first, honesty, curiosity and leadership.
> A Dog Friendly work environment - during coronavirus, we've gone fully remote. But in our previous office and in future offices, we're a dog-friendly bunch!

Is this role not quite the right fit for you? Or, have you not seen a suitable position available on our careers site? We’re always on the look-out for curious, motivated and bright people to join our team. Connect with us, and we’ll let you know if and when we have new opportunities. 

Diversity at Attest

Everyone's welcome at Attest, regardless of what you look like, where you come from or what you’re curious about. Our product is for everyone, globally, and so is our work space. The more diverse our range of perspectives in our business, the more we all thrive, together. So tell  us about your background, personal experiences and perspective on the world and help us further enrich our offering to enable better made decisions to make the world a better place.

Do let us know if there are any adjustments you’d like us to make to ensure the most inclusive interview process we can - we’re learning too, so we’re more than happy to adapt and accommodate whenever possible.

Attest aims to change the way decisions are made, and to help people understand the data that responds to their curiosity. Our mission is to put data at the heart of decisions. Everything we do at Attest is driven by curiosity, honesty, responsible autonomy and collaboration. Our team is growing - will you be next to join the adventure?