Product UX Designer

Sydney, Australia

Design is at the forefront of everything we do. We believe in user experience first. It’s been a huge part of our success story. Help us continue to deliver accessible and affordable customer journey marketing software to thousands of customers around the world through innovative UX design.

As a UX Designer, you will work closely with our product team envisioning experiences that solve complex problems while adhering to our core philosophy: simple things simple, hard things achievable. You’ll understand our customers, use cases and product better than anyone else. You’ll learn and help develop key product objectives and conceive solutions as part of a tight-knit team. You’ll test, track and test again. You’ll be the kind of person who is so passionate about your work even a napkin is a good canvas for a great idea. And most importantly, you’ll love what you do.


    • Become a power user of the product;
    • Help conceive interface solutions to product objectives;
    • Develop wireframes and detailed use case workflows;
    • Conduct user testing and prototyping using data to make decisions;
    • Help set KPIs for product UX and it’s acceptance by our user base;
    • Research APIs and other technical specification to ensure functionality is achievable;
    • Help maintain and continuously improve our design components and guidelines;
    • Be the voice of UX and take action to continuously create a remarkable experience across the product;
    • Communicate design decisions internally to our product and engineering teams;
    • Talk to customers often to understand their pains, frustrations and loves with current and future planned UX.  

Skills and experience required:

    • Ability to talk to and understand our customers and the market landscape;
    • Proven experience (with multiple examples) of UX design that you led;
    • 3-5 years of professional work experience (marketing & sales tech background preferred);
    • Experience working in a product team 
    • Ability to set KPIs and understand how data captured can be used to enhance experience;
    • Knowledge and proven usage of tools used to monitor UX Design KPIs;
    • Strong emphasis on usability design with proven examples;
    • Strong understanding of user research techniques and user behavior;
    • Ability to analyze and understand business and application requirements, prioritize and identify user tasks and goals;
    • Ability to communicate clearly and work across the product team.

Perks of being an Autopilot-er:

    • Work on a product that helps thousands of people create remarkable marketing experiences;
    • Join a team of remarkable, smart, innovative and social people (here is proof:
    • Travel and learn: training / team bonding in our San Francisco office;
    • Generous paid time off and the ability to occasionally work from home or remotely;
    • Great technology setups: 4k monitor, whatever computer you need to get it done;
    • Bike parking, showers and unlimited coffee from a local cafe;
    • Long term opportunities to grow with continued learning.