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San Francisco
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Are you a believer and do you have experience in sales? Then we have the perfect mission for you! Our goal is make all church services in the world accessible for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. We want to enable anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing to be fully included in their local church community by 2022, and we need your help to get there. 

Who are we?

We are a team of highly passionate and ambitious creators and entrepreneurs, aiming to make the world 24/7 accessible for deaf & hard-of-hearing people. Ava is the fastest & most advanced mobile captioning system in the world. It cleverly uses speech recognition and speaker identification technologies, to make conversations between people with hearing loss and hearing people possible.

At Ava, the CEO is the only hearing person in a family of deaf people, and the CTO is deaf and non-speaking - both were Forbes 30 under 30 2017. We use our product everyday to do our standup meetings, lunches, any many more. Our headquarters are in San Francisco, part of our core team is in Paris, and we have several more representatives in other countries. Many thousands of people use Ava daily for their doctors appointments, social events, at work, in schools, and in many other situations. We’re working with large companies like GE, Airbus, Salesforce, Hilton, and many more. A few of the publications that have written about Ava include : TechCrunch, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, TF1, Le Figaro, Le Monde.

Why you?

Today we already have a large number of church customers across the US, as well as a handful of churches internationally. Together with these churches, we’ve changed the lives of many deaf and hard of hearing people, by including them in their communities, but moreover by giving them access to the message of God. Now that’s true social impact! 

Having worked with churches for a year now, we learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t work for them. We have improved the product, created educational materials, and we’ve developed the systems and tools to scale the number of church customers to infinity. On top of that, we just kicked off a partnership with LifeWay, one of the biggest church resource platforms in the world.

Now we’re super excited and more ready than ever to invite you onboard, to come join this mission and sell Ava to thousands of churches!
What we expect from you?

- You are a believer and have been, or are currently involved with a church community.
- You've dealt with a sales pipeline before, and don't get scared to juggle several hundreds of leads continuously (e.g. 250 deals/month). You're a closer, and you've sold SAAS products around the $1k a year price point before.
- You're a pro at relationship management. You can represent the company with confidence and passion, you are charismatic and good at explaining and convincing others.
- You're familiar with the startup mentality and are ready to hustle and apply your street smartness.
- You don't mind hopping on a plane to make the deal happen or to provide custom support.

Bonus if:
- You've launched your own business in the past.
- You have sold a tech/software product to churches before.

Ideally you recognize yourself to be:
- Honest. You do what you say, true to your word. You don't fake or lie to people.
- Organized & Disciplined. You can focus on key priorities and are a productive worker.
- Bold and persistent. You are direct and dare to try new things, and you have the willpower to keep going until the very end.
- A good listener! You can listen and ask the right questions to understand people's true needs and address them with your expertise.

What we offer:

- An opportunity to be part of a rapidly growing startup, that also happens to be making a huge social impact.
- A commission based incentive structure that will make you seriously rich when you own your sales game!
- A chance to see many different parts of the country and perhaps the world, by meeting and signing up customers.
- An awesome work environment, with people who are truly driven by a mission. Guaranteed source of inspiration.
- Learning more about deaf culture, hearing loss, accessibility, and inclusion. You may even learn some sign language (ASL)

Interested? Let us know at