Product Designer

San Francisco
2 - Product
This might be one of the most impactful UX/UI challenge you will ever have in your life. Not only do you need to design for fully deaf users without the ability to verbally communicate, there will also be hard of hearing users in many age ranges and of course their hearing friends, colleagues, and family members.

How can you make peoples phones magically connect and lower the barrier for a deaf person to propose using Ava for the group meeting? How can you make that the hearing people are not distracted by the app, but will use it in the most optimal way? The list of social-behavioral challenges is many times longer. If you really want to be challenged, here is one for you!

Besides that, we have the most amazing and involved group of testers waiting to give you feedback on your designs and product flows. We like to work according to lean startup principles, involving not only many interactions with our testers, but also very quick turnaround mock ups to keep building, measuring, learning at all times!
You need to be familiar and comfortable with this Lean approach, and things like rapid prototyping, agile development, and working closely together with developers. You master multiple different tools, are able to switch to Sketch, and have worked on graphic design to.
You are always checking out the latest apps and designs for reference and want to deliver nothing less than perfection. You are excited about creating the magical experience that will allow deaf people to engage in any conversation and become fully part of their social and professional context.

If you nail this design you will literally change the lives of many and have a real impact!