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5 - Global
Group conversations are a daily struggle for 400 million people suffering from disabling hearing loss, which excludes them from many professional and social interactions. 
Using cutting-edge speech technologies, the Ava iOS and Android apps empowers people to see who says what around them, in less than a second. Our system swiftly pairs smartphones in a room, and processes the conversation to show you a real time, color-coded transcript of the discussion. At business meetings, family dinners, social gatherings, you launch the app, and Ava does the rest.

We built Ava to pioneer 24/7 audio-visual accessibility. We want to transform communications for the deaf/hard-of-hearing people by bridging communication gaps with a 24/7 personal, lightning fast, and affordable captioning experience.

We've received thousands of requests to make Ava available outside of the US. We're building the platform to make it possible.
But, all communities and cultures are unique. With the radical new approach of accessibility that we're bringing with Ava, we'll need an experienced person to approach them with humility, and explain what the Ava accessibility is, and how it can be immensely helpful in their lives.
This is why we've created the Ava Force.
And we're looking for local trailblazers, innovators passionate about accessibility, in each geographic area. Your mission will be to learn from, test with and grow communities of Pioneers in your country who desire to access early to Ava.
Ready to make your country enter faster and better to the new age of accessibility?

You could be a great fit if:

    • You have a deep personal experience that helps you resonates with the challenges that deaf & hard-of-hearing people face everyday.
    • You have strong ties (or are ready to strengthen them) to the local deaf and/or the hard-of-hearing community.
    • You are energetic, driven, hungry to learn and motivated to push your limits.
    • You truly believe in the importance of team communication and collaboration. 
    • You can communicate professionally in English
    • You are not afraid to try crazy & creative ideas if you think there's a huge win behind them: this is your chance to be a maverick not a clog. 
    • Bonus points if you know Sign Language and other languages

A glimpse at your mission:

    • Engage with the global community of our users (deaf & hard-of-hearing) on the ground
    • Kickstart the local Ava community on the ground, with amazing mentoring
    • Use your local expertise to customize the Ava experience to your fellow citizens
    • Work with the CEO and the rest of the Ava Force team to learn, test and grow the Ava model of 24/7 accessibility locally
    • Collaborate closely with the product team to be the voice of our customers and be decisive in enabling a better accessibility for them
    • Work with our speech team to benchmark language performance metrics
    • Interview, recruit and train local volunteers on a need-basis

This is a unique experience to get:

    • A great entrepreneurial experience, mixing cutting-edge technology and hustling/community engagement responsibilities
    • Ramp up to lightspeed to startup standards of a smart, passionate and driven team
    • The opportunity to have a profound impact on a community, super eager to benefit from Ava's technology
    • Get a deep dive in several fast-growing industries: AI, mobile communications, accessibility
    • Involved in a lot of high-stakes business negotiations & strategy discussions