Software Engineer - Backend

Santa Clara, CA
Awake Security builds and delivers the next generation of cybersecurity software to protect public and private organizations from threats to their continuity, privacy, and operational integrity.  We are an early-stage startup headquartered in Sunnyvale, California with people who work onsite, full-time remote, or partially remote.

Our small and warm team supports the product and other developers by building and maintaining shared infrastructure, tools, and core services/APIs for several product features.  We welcome new members who are curious, patient, and motivated.


    • Proficiency in Haskell is required. Awake Security uses Haskell extensively and you will be authoring and maintaining API endpoints and related tools written in Haskell, so should you have proficiency writing Haskell code. As a rough guideline, you are proficient if you feel comfortable authoring a simple API server in Haskell.
    • Proficiency in Nix and NixOS is a plus, but not required. Our company's build system uses Nix/NixOS extensively so knowing them helps, but they will not play a large role in your initial responsibilities (see below).  We'll train you on the job if you've never used Nix before.

Initial Responsibilities

    • Build APIs for our cybersecurity partner vendors. Partnerships with other cybersecurity vendors enhance our product, but our current public API does not expose the full capabilities of our security knowledge graph.  We will entrust you with designing, building, and maintaining a more complete API for this purpose.
    • Integrating with enterprise vendors. Our product needs to integrate with a wide variety of enterprise vendors in order to streamline adoption for our customers.  You will be responsible for adding these vendor-specific integrations.
    • Learn and grow. Our team is fluid and we regularly redistribute roles and mentor each other.  That's why this section is titled "Initial Responsibilities": if you want to grow as an engineer we would enjoy training you to assume a broader and more autonomous role at our company.


    • Compassion. We believe our mission is one of service to others, whether that is protecting our customers from harm or empowering other developers to do work they are proud of.
    • Reliability. We like to "move fast without breaking things" and believe that Haskell empowers developers to be productive and write correct software without sacrificing quality.
    • Simplicity. We delete, consolidate or code-generate inessential functionality to distill development to the true task at hand.


    • Competitive salary with early employee stock option grant
    • Comprehensive medical, dental, and vision
    • Flexible work hours, paternity/maternity leave, and unlimited vacation
    • Delivered lunch and a wide selection of snacks
    • A commute-friendly location