Lead LiveOps Producer

Remote or Vancouver, BC
Studio – Product /
Full-time /
As our Lead LiveOps Producer, you'll be at the heart of our campaigns, marketing activations, live ops, and community initiatives. You'll own and lead our live operations and growth initiatives from conception through execution, perfect for someone with expertise in live-operated products and working closely with marketing and creatives.


    • Strategy Development: Collaborate with our marketing, design, and engineering leads to create and implement strategies aimed at achieving 10x growth.
    • Campaign Management: Lead campaigns from conception to analysis, selecting content from major brands' IP, crafting impactful narratives for drops, and packaging everything with viral GTM strategies within strict timelines.
    • Content & Product Selection: Work with our content teams to develop compelling campaigns and curations, from tweets to emails and everything in between.
    • Data Analysis: Use analytics to track success and optimize tactics for unparalleled results.
About Dapper Labs:

We're not just another NFT company. We're the leading company in the web3 space, having pioneered the NFT standard on Ethereum (ERC-721), launching it with CryptoKitties back in 2017, and later growing the industry and user base alike with NBA Top Shot (over $3B in total transactions to date). We've made it our mission to bring web3 to the mainstream with delightful experiences that demonstrate the power of decentralization in innovative and fun applications. Our portfolio of products include NBA Top Shot, NFL ALL DAY, Disney Pinnacle, CryptoKitties, Miquela, and Laliga Golazos. We're a team of humble and curious entrepreneurs, builders, and tinkerers passionate about demystifying blockchain technology and its potential to create change. 

We've made significant strides in our mission, but the journey is far from over - there's still much to achieve. We went through a period of hyper-growth, hired too quickly, and recently had to scale back to right-size our business to a sustainable size and reset our priorities to maximize impact (and we admit: our Glassdoor reviews did take a hit because of it, we know - we're now rebuilding). Nevertheless, we have one of the most passionate communities of collectors and users across our products, along with a stellar team of Dapperites helping us turn our vision into reality, one Moment at a time.

We affirm that we're strongly committed to making Dapper Labs one of the most impactful tech companies in the world, bringing decentralized apps to millions of people, and focusing on longevity and benefits to our society, communities, and our team members. And we'd love to get you to drive with us along this journey. We're gearing up for one of our best seasons yet, with exciting projects in the pipeline across our sports, entertainment, and innovation products.

We're very intentional about who we hire, we keep our bar high to bring the best performing team members. The best people will learn quickly, hit the ground running, focus on prioritizing well to create impact, and have what it takes to help us make Dapper Labs the best place in the world to work at and multiply value creation. We have high ambition, high resilience, and humility to roll up our sleeves and do the work required to make that happen.

We value founder mentality and ownership, passion, hustle, impact, and resilience. We give our employees flexibility, great compensation packages, which also come with strong responsibility and expectation for impact. We have a simple and flat functional hierarchy, focusing on personal autonomy for business impact, and plenty of opportunities for professional growth.

Our values are not merely words written on a Notion doc - everyone at Dapper Labs is driven by an insatiable appetite for impact, collaboration, development, learning, and you'll clearly feel our values day-to-day in nearly every single thing we do.

Is this role for me?

- You're data-oriented with top-tier go-to-market strategy, product experience and instincts, and execution skills. You can move quickly and focus on converting new cohorts and creating additional growth levers week over week.
- You've operated highly social products, surfacing value propositions for target customers and building engaging communities around them.
- This job post gets your heart racing a little - at first, you're a bit scared. Is this even for me? Do I have what it takes? But you like what you read, and deep down, and you know this mission is yours to take. You'd love to give it a shot and deliver the best work of your life.

Join us and be a part of something special. Let's shape the future together.

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