Baby Registry Consultant

Customer Support
At Babylist, we love our users and we treat them like rockstars. Babylist is an online baby registry that lets parents add any item from any store on the web.

Our goal is to make the journey to parenthood less stressful, and figuring out everything you need for a little person you haven’t met yet is hard! We’re looking for folks with experience guiding expecting parents through the process of choosing the right baby gear to add to their registries. 

Expecting a baby can be a stressful time, and our users often require patience, understanding, and a little TLC. As our Registry Consultant you can help our users feel more informed and prepared, and you will significantly influence how likely a user is to recommend Babylist to friends.

This is a full time work-from-home position working Pacific business hours, Wednesday through Sunday. We are only able to consider candidates living in California, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin, or West Virginia.

The Big Things

    • You already know everything there is to know about baby gear; you can spot a City Mini a block away and you know which car seat has the smallest footprint
    • You will answer customer support requests: you are a great writer and communicator, and you are quick
    • You will answer support phone calls, you are friendly and well-spoken
    • You know how to build strong, positive relationships in a single call or email

About You

    • You are comfortable with and excited about working with expectant parents (and their friends and family)
    • You live in the United States and are a resident of California, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin, or West Virginia
    • You are excited about working weekends
    • You are very compassionate and empathetic
    • Quick note: We are a family-oriented (and mom-owned) business, and we understand that parenting is a legit, full-time job. This position is very time-intensive and often time-sensitive, which means it isn’t compatible for a parent working from home and watching kids at the same time.

How To Apply

    • Please visit this link, make your own copy, answer the questions, and submit the link with your application (via the prompt).
Why You Will Love Working at Babylist:
• We get stuff done
• We have a real impact on people’s lives
• We're passionate about our users and we genuinely appreciate them
• We work at a sustainable pace for long-term success (yes, we’re profitable)
• We are growing and have meaningful opportunities for career advancement
• We’re a technological and data-driven business
• We believe in autonomy and reward taking initiative
• We have experienced leadership that is always open to new ideas

• Competitive pay
• Competitive health benefits including company-funded medical, dental, and vision
• 401(k), FSA plans, and disability insurance
• Flexible, paid parental leave policy