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"Backbone feels as first-party as you could make something that is literally not first-party feel." - TechCrunch

“The way that Backbone unifies gaming experiences across AAA iOS ports like Warzone or Minecraft, Xbox and Playstation Remote Play and now native xCloud games feels like the way of the future for mobile gaming in a way that none of the individual players… [have] managed to get right.” - TechCrunch

As a Product Designer, you'll have the opportunity to drive the philosophy, vision, and roadmap for Backbone's core software services and product offering at scale. We are driven by craft, and design is responsible for setting a really high bar for implementation quality.

Because Backbone's design surfaces span across not only software product design but also elements such as packaging, devices, and marketing creative, there's tremendous scope and impact on the entire end-to-end experience for players.

What you'll be doing

    • Drive the design philosophy, vision, and roadmap for Backbone's software across game experience, home, community, and content creation.
    • Be a leader. Designers are expected to lead projects at Backbone.
    • Own design problems end to end, from initial concept through shipping and beyond.
    • Build flows and prototypes to tackle difficult UX problems.
    • Obsess over the details of visual and motion design.
    • Define and standardize reusable design patterns and components.
    • Establish, build, and maintain a comprehensive library of shared design components.
    • Set design requirements for new features based on information from internal teams and user research.
    • Ship, measure and improve your designs based on quantitative and qualitative feedback.
    • Work with a team of engineers, designers, data scientists, hardware engineers to build delightful experiences at scale.
    • Collaborate with major gaming platforms to design unique and delightful integrations.

What we're looking for

    • Proficiency in Figma & prototyping skills (Origami Studio, After Effects, etc.).
    • Experience building products for Android or iOS, and web.
    • Knowledge of mobile and web design patterns.
    • Ability to collaborate with cross-functional team members.
    • Proven experience building for a consumer audience.
    • Examples of developing and conveying ideas clearly in a written and visual format—clearly demonstrate how your designs solve customers’ problems or add value to their lives.
    • Ability to facilitate team discussions and help drive toward decisions.
    • A track record of shipping phenomenal design with an understanding of what details matter at each stage of the release cycle, and make vital tradeoff decisions.
    • Passionate about product and vision.
    • An online portfolio will be required to apply for this role.