Software Engineer - Back-End

Engineering - Software /
"Backbone feels as first-party as you could make something that is literally not first-party feel." - TechCrunch

“The way that Backbone unifies gaming experiences... feels like the way of the future for mobile gaming in a way that none of the individual players… [have] managed to get right.” - TechCrunch

Working on the bleeding edge of cloud game streaming is insanely fun.

Better yet, working with devices is way more fun than shipping standalone software experiences. Our software stack presents an unbelievably unique set of engineering challenges: The interplay among devices, embedded software, native app software and back-end software makes for some unique opportunities. We can wax poetic about them.

You'll get to work closely with the major gaming platforms and other partners to help integrate them into our experience.
You’ll get to work with Engineering, Data Science, Product, Design, Core Gaming, Devices, and many others to turn ideas into reality.
You’ll also have the ability to influence our roadmap and work with a top notch team.

What you'll be doing

    • Design and implement low-latency, high-availability, and performant applications
    • Architect elegant and maintainable code
    • Write automated tests to enable us to move fast and deliver quality
    • Develop back-end architectures and data pipelines that power our features

What we're looking for

    • Strong proficiency with JavaScript and TypeScript
    • Knowledge of Node.js and frameworks available for it such as Express
    • Understanding of asynchronous programming
    • Strong computer science and software engineering fundamentals
    • Passionate about product and vision
    • Remote-friendly
    • Bonus points: Familiarity with GraphQL and Apollo Server, experience with functional programming, knowledge of front-end technologies (web and/or iOS)