Senior/Staff ML Ops Engineer

Bengaluru, Karnataka
Engineering – Eng (ML Ops) /
Full-Time /
As a senior ML-OPs engineer you will work on automating AI/ML Workflow. You will solve problems related to massive cybersecurity and IT data sets. You will collaborate closely with our ML/AI Engineers, Data Scientists and Data Engineers to solve real-world problems plaguing cybersecurity. This role requires basic knowledge of ML and excellent knowledge of automation of ML Processes.

You will:

    • Design and implement automation of model training/handling feedback loop process (continuous training)
    • Implement solutions for continuous observability of ML models and their performance
    • Implement solutions for automation of ML Pipeline components deployment process with appropriate support for quality gate
    • Implement solutions for end to end tracking of model KPIs for a given dataset that support model versioning
    • Develop Platform and Modular approach in assisting quicker development of ML Models, including solutions for feature store, parameter store and time series data
    • Design solutions that are scalable and reduce time for ML model migration to prod
    • Build production quality solutions that are highly scalable and meet acceptance criteria of technical requirements
    • Interface with multiple teams, including ML, UI, backend and data engineering to ensure seamless data sourcing, handling, processing and visualizations.

You are:

    • Driven to experience and learn more about design, architecture, understanding end to end requirements and delivering solutions that can add value to the work
    • Collaborative and comfortable working across teams including data engineering, front end, Product Management, ML and DevOps
    • Responsible and like to take ownership of challenging problems
    • An effective communicator, including good documentation practices and articulating thought processes in a team setting
    • Comfortable with working in an agile environment
    • Curious about technology and the industry, and a constant learner

You have:

    • MS/BS +3 years in Computer Science or a related field
    • Expert programming experience with Python or Java
    • 2 years experience in one of the ML OPs tools like Apache Airflow(Preferred)/Luigi/Argo/ML Flow/Kube Flow/Sage Maker
    • 2+ experience in working with any of the public cloud AWS(preferred)/Azure/GCP
    • Knowledge of SQL databases such as Postgres and NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis
    • Experience working with Columnar Databases and JSON/Parquet/ORC message formats
    • Experience with search engine database such as ElasticSearch is added bonus