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WHO (Event Contractors)
If you value:

FLEXIBILITY - Events typically take place during the weekends (which may include Thursday or Friday set up days.) As an independent contractor, you set your schedule - you choose which event(s) to accept!
EXCITEMENT - You will attend some of the top sports venues in your state. Never a dull moment! You may even be invited to travel to top tournaments. 
NEW TECHNOLOGY - Hands-on experience with the latest streaming software and technology!
SUPPORT - We want to see you succeed by providing the tools and resources of Best To-Dos and Practices for the field.

WHAT (Contract Services Needed)

TRACK - Receive and handle all event equipment, including camera gear & marketing assets.
EXECUTION - Set up BallerTV’s streaming system (filming equipment) at each court (or field). Move safely, be efficient and maneuver with a sense of urgency throughout your workday.
MONITOR - Ensure each game’s stream is steady and consistent. Operate and troubleshoot equipment and technology, maintain communication with the BallerTV team throughout the event.
ENJOY - Watch live sports while working! How cool is that?
FLEXIBILITY - This role is a part-time, weekend contractor position. Some events start as early as 6AM and run as late as 10PM. You may be asked to travel up to 40 miles one way.
PAY - $18 an hour. 

Please note: Daily Shifts can be over 12 hours long. A weekend tournament (Fri, Sat, Sunday) can be over 30 hours of work. It is not for everyone and requires you to be on your feet and lift heavy objects. 

Do you believe in underdog stories or game changing moments?

BallerTV is a venture-backed startup, building the world’s largest sports network from the ground up! In 2021, BallerTV live-streamed over 350,000 youth tournaments! Similar to the early days of ESPN, BallerTV is rapidly expanding the spectrum of sports coverage and changing the landscape of sports broadcasting! 

Required Qualifications
Must be 18 years of age
Must complete a pre-event background check
Must be familiar with iOS devices and products
Must be personable and professional at all times
Must have the ability to multitask with a strong attention to detail
Must possess a positive winning attitude

Preferred Qualifications
Experience in (live) event production, sports, or any customer facing position is a plus!
Knowledge, interest, and experience within grassroots soccer, lacrosse, basketball, volleyball, football and/or wrestling is a plus!

Having a current and valid Driver's license to receive and transport event equipment.

Job Type: Weekend Work - Contract
Visit www.BallerTV.com for more information.