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Our Designers translate “how it looks” into “what it means,” one pixel at a time. Masters of visual language, they distill complex ideas into the kind of visceral imagery that makes you stop and think — but only about that thing we want you to think about. Conceptual by nature and collaborative by design, Barefoot Designers live to solve communication challenges in the most simplistic, most effective, and most unexpected ways possible.

The Ideal Barefoot Designer:
• Memorable portfolio of work
• Diverse multi-channel design background
• Experience designing for a brand equity
• Autonomous designer / ideation collaborator
• Enthusiastic about honing their craft
• Naturally curious creative problem solver
• Passionate about digital advertising
• Master of Creative Suite
• 2+ years agency experience
• Bachelor’s Degree in graphic design, visual art, or a related field

Looks at the big picture; generates smart and surprising design solutions
Motivates and inspires others
Focuses on the overall growth and success of all aspects of the work: project, brand, client, team and agency
Strives to innovate; no creative execution is final
Wants to know what works and what doesn’t
Learns from successes and mistakes in the ongoing effort to make every iteration of creative better and better