Mentorship 2019 - Production and Barkley Films

Kansas City, MO
"As a Barkley Films intern, I got to work on a variety of clients since the video department works with all difference parts of the agency. They started me off doing real work right away by going on shoots, editing videos and sitting in on meetings." - Ty, 2018 Barkley Films intern

“As a Production intern, I got to see the ideas of creative brought to life. Being able to see the process of an idea become reality through picking actors/models, finding directors/photographers, and managing budgets made me truly excited to come into work everyday.” -  Alex, 2018 Production Intern

At Barkley, we don't want people to just fetch our lattes in the morning (although, TBH, that would be really nice). We want people who are serious about the industry, and serious about learning what it takes to make their mark in it. We believe good ideas can come from anyone, including interns.

If you're serious about all that—and serious about not being so serious—you might be a good fit for a mentorship at Barkley.

A portfolio/reel is required to apply for the Barkley Films team.

Apply ASAP, applications are due EOD December 31st.