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Who we are
BB2 Digital and Technology Services Ltd (t/a Nomo Fintech) is a cloud-based business-to-business Fintech company which owns the digital platform that powers the digital retail banking services of Bank of London and The Middle East plc (“BLME”), branded Nomo (available on iOS and Android), and provides various other services to BLME.

Nomo Fintech is currently in scale-up mode to support international digital banking across the GCC, and it’s an incredibly exciting time to join the business with great ambition and an effective combination of talent, culture, and world class technology.

Nomo Fintech leverages the support services of an intragroup entity based in Dubai which houses various functions to support Nomo Fintech’s business services.

Role Description
We are hiring a UX Arabic Researcher to join our talented Product Design team. As a UX Arabic Researcher, you will inform decisions about products and services through evidence-driven, user-centered, high-quality research. It’s an exciting time to join us: you will help shape the ways qualitative research is employed throughout the wider team.
You’ll be responsible for creating the best experiences for our customers, working closely with designers, developers, product managers and data teams to build a shared vision, and then delivering against this in a pragmatic way. You’ll lead your work, spanning multiple complex product areas, supporting a team of designers around you to help the team deliver high-quality work again and again.
·       Conduct both generative and evaluative research studies.
·       Create research plans that adapt to timeline constraints.
·       Plan and perform qualitative research methods, such as interviews, usability testing, surveys, and workshops.
·       Analyse and translate qualitative and quantitative data into clear insights.
·       Communicate results and recommendations in clear and compelling ways to inform the design and support the product strategy.
·       Work with the Head of UX Design to create a user-centric culture and embed the user voice in strategic planning and scoping sessions.
·       Collaborate closely with product managers and product designers to plan research studies and make sure findings are actioned and prioritised.
·       Be seen as a credible digital designer with hands-on experience across UX/UI and other interactive digital products.
·       Working closely with Product, Development and Marketing teams to deliver product experiences that will place our digital experiences ahead of the market.
·       Work closely with the analytical team to build an understanding of customer behaviour to measure the performance of our products.
·       Engage stakeholders from different departments (i.e. Marketing, Product etc) in the user research process to help them familiarise themselves and empathise with user insights
·       Create metrics to measure the success of products and features.
·       Manage the logistical aspects of research planning (e.g. scheduling research sessions, and recruiting participants).
·       Proactively identify product opportunities to explore with users.
·       Collaborate to build the UX Research framework to drive efficiency in the research activities.
·       Work independently under the guidance of the Head of Design.
Skills & Experience
·       Strong experience as a UX researcher. Preferably having worked within a standalone research role previously.
·       Extensive experience with different types of research projects: both generative vs evaluative research.
·       Strong understanding and experience of a range of user research methods, when to use them, and how to apply them correctly. This includes both qualitative and quantitative methods such as usability testing, user interviews, and surveys.
·       Expert-level experience in planning, scoping, conducting, analysing, and communicating research.
·       Experience in quantitative research methods and product analytics to find digital trends and understand user behaviour.
·       Ability to define key metrics and evaluate project success.
·       Confidence in presenting user research and promoting UX principles and championing the voice of the customer.
·       Experience working to strict deadlines and on different projects over a period.
Mindset and Behaviours
·       Has a strong sense of ownership and proactively advocates for the end-user
·       Open to taking on new challenges and learning new skills
·       Collaborative, curious, empathetic, open-minded, innovative