Strategic Design Intern - Graduate

Manhattan Beach
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Our Venture Build Team consists of world-class business strategists, researchers, product specialists and designers. Together, we are helping corporations own the next horizon of innovation.
Program Overview.
We are looking for students currently pursing Graduate degrees. The 10-week internship program will allow interns to gain valuable experience to work on one of our current Ventures.
Strategic Design Overview:
Strategic design represents the study of human behavior in context and the design of holistic solutions that satisfy latent, unmet needs and drive strategic value. Strategic designers study people’s implicit attitudes, behaviors and motivations to gain insight about their openness to consider something new. They use design thinking and design-specific skillsets to translate these insights into transformative products and services, and they serve as an important human-centered catalyst to help venture teams create the future. Our strategic designers are adept at creating insightful venture opportunities and platforms, as well as compiling and analyzing ethnographic research and contextual design investigations to understand customer behaviors, pain points, needs and aspirations.

As a Strategic Design Intern, you will need:

    • Currently pursuing a MS degree in Design or a related subject from an accredited University
    • 3.5 GPA or higher
    • Resume, Cover Letter and Portfolio
    • Able to plan, prioritize and organize work effectively and efficiently within a team
    • Creative problem solver

Ideally, you will have:

    • Bachelor’s degree in design, business, psychology, strategy, marketing or another relevant field
    • An outstanding portfolio of work demonstrating strong human-centered design capabilities across a diverse range of projects
    • Experience with ethnographic research (quantitative and qualitative), divergent exploration, conceptual development and industrial design
    • A background with product prototyping and testing, future visioning and strategy development 

As a Strategic Design Intern, you will use your skills to:

    • Conduct quantitative research investigations that help strategically frame, validate or challenge other forms of research
    • Develop ethnographic research and contextual design investigations to understand customer behaviors, pain points, needs and aspirations 
    • Contribute to deep trend analysis and research of interesting exemplars in the marketplace
    • Identify insights from customer research and market analysis  
    • Bring your research to life through personas, customer journeys, insight-opportunity frameworks, system maps, stories and scenarios
    • Contribute unique ideas within multidisciplinary workshops, meetings and immersion sessions.
    • Using divergent design thinking techniques for the conceptual development of products, services and/or physical connected form-factors
    • Converge innovative ideas to a set of digital and tangible products, services and/or physical connected form-factors in partnership with venture architects, product managers and engineering
    • Communicate design ideas using techniques, including product concepts, service models, customer journeys, industrial designs, system maps and/or infographics
    • Iteratively design, test and refine disruptive products and services
    • Partner with venture architects and product managers to ensure that new ventures and business builds are set up to deliver strategic value in line with design intent
    • Observe and engage audiences within the markets of interest to test commercialization assumptions for audience capture and scaling
    • Contribute to the evolution of strategic design approaches throughout BCG Digital Ventures
    • Communicate insights, concepts and design rationales to internal and external audiences

Interviews will take place after resumes have been screened for minimum requirements. Please note that this position is not restricted solely to the responsibilities listed above and that the job scope and responsibilities are subject to change.
BCG Digital Ventures is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, religion, sex, national origin, disability, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected under federal, state or local law