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Introducing our Venture Operations Team
Our Venture Operations Team is how we redefine what's possible. It's where organizational insight aligns with operational excellence to keep our business thriving and producing imaginative ventures that have to be seen to be believed.
Venture Operations Team is the internal force that drives us forward, enabling us to build compelling products, services and ventures by building and advising on internal tools and systems for DV and our Ventures
Together, these one-of-a-kind problem-solvers direct our inner corporate structures with incomparable precision, profound analytic foresight and a deep commitment to world-class business services.
We have entered a decade of disruption of large corporate business models,driven by a step change in the power of technology and the audacity and speed of start-ups. To be fit for and shape the future, we utilize cutting-edge technologies, and practices to support our collaboration, our ideation and our innovations.
BCG Digital Ventures is seeking a high caliber and forwarding-thinking technology leader, with extensive experience in DevOps, engineering and IT strategy from the technology/digital product sector. The new head of DevOps will be instrumental in the defining and guiding our use of technology, including the architecture of our infrastructure and platforms, establishing security and privacy protocols and managing our IP library. Innovation and change are hallmarks of our work; the Head of DevOps must be able to adjust to innovative Venture needs and a dynamic and growing business.

The responsibilities of the BCG Digital Ventures Head of DevOps will be to:

    • Provide the vision, strategic leadership and subject matter expertise for the growth and technical direction of BCG DV's DevOps teams; provides guidance and expertise on system options, risk, costs vs benefits, and impacts on our Ventures processes and goals
    • Global coordination with engineering and IT Teams across BCGDV Centers and Labs & BCG
    • Trusted technical advisor to corporate partner and BCGDV leaders in providing technical solutions that address user needs; contribute as needed in discussions with corporate partners on DV DevOps and security process and stacks
    • Assess internal and Venture needs utilizing a structured requirements process and methodology; shapes and leads the direction of our network and cloud infrastructure – including our platform tools and development environment
    • Reviews and advises on technical design specifications developed by DV and Venture DevOps teams; establishes and implements best practices for building and maintaining our code repository and IP library
    • Manages relationships and projects with external vendors for the engineering stack; evaluates vendor solutions to ensure compliance with requirements and cost-effectiveness. Can lead project teams in developing and building IT Solutions and reviews deployment plans
    • Leads the technical evaluation and selection process for improving performance by overseeing gap analysis studies, feasible alternative solutions, and recommending the scope of modifications
    • Standardize and manage our stack set up and technology capabilities to ensure we can scale to meet venture demands, including the managing of our contracts and vendors; work closely with DevOps engineers on stack requirements and changes, consolidation, rationalization and improved economics
    • Support the planning, budgeting, hiring and staffing of BCGDV’s DevOps team; provide day to day oversight and development of the DevOps staff
    • Ensure coordination and alignment of DevOps  with the broader BCG Digital Ventures organization, serving as bridge between technology and corporate functions
    • Contribute an entrepreneurial mindset, innovation, creativity, best practices and standards of excellence

Candidates for the role will possess:

    • Previous experience (8+ years) as an  DevOps Leader, VP of Engineering or related experience with a proven track record of developing successful digital products, people, processes and services
    • Relevant higher education degrees in related fields a plus
    • Thorough understanding and experience in managing a portfolio of platforms, environments and engineering tools stack, particularly in Amazon Web Services with experience and exposure to other cloud platforms like Azure and Google
    • Thorough understanding or previous experience with programming/scripting languages
    • Direct, hands-on experience with DevOps and release management tools
    • Familiarity with Docker containers, working experience a plus
    • Experience of practical implementations of CI/CD ,Container Management and Deployment tools (Jenkins, Maven, Rancher, GitLab)
    • Experience developing IT Tools
    • Experience with PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and Data Laws as used in information security and privacy laws
    • Exposure to Big Data Tools (Hadoop, Redshift, DataBricks)
    • Strong decision-making skills and an understanding of where projects and IT tools fit into overall organizational growth and strategy
    • Proven track record of hiring, managing, and working with multi-disciplinary teams (Engineers, data scientist, developers, designers etc.) and mentoring talent;
    • Being at the forefront of the current digital developments and demonstrating a deep understanding of the challenges, trends and opportunities within the digital sector.

Key Attributes–candidates for this role will be:

    • Collaborative and a natural team player and able to quickly integrate, contribute effectively, and drive innovative and bespoke business solutions within BCGDV's collaborative and high caliber “one team” culture
    • Keen to challenge and be challenged by those who they work with, at all levels
    • Able to engage, manage and influence team members and senior stakeholders politically and with tact
    • Credible and enthusiastic regarding relationship building and influencing at senior levels (up to board level) in client organizations
    • A highly motivated player with the ambition to seize this opportunity and develop within this successful and growing organization
    • Intellectually strong with an excellent academic background which will provide the ability to integrate successfully into BCGDV’s robust and quality driven environment.

To learn more, visit us at careers.bcgdv.com/learn-more
Interested applicants may apply through the careers section of the website at BCGDV.com. Interviews will take place after resumes have been screened for minimum requirements. Please note that this position is not restricted solely to the responsibilities listed above and that the job scope and responsibilities are subject to change.