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Hi! We are Bee Talents and 8 years ago we started to build IT, teams all over the world. Our goal is to positively impact the tech recruitment industry by creating new standards in every area - from daily communication, and creating great Candidate Experience, to shortening the so-called “time to hire”. 

🐝 What we are doing on daily basis?
We work in two main areas - Recruitment (as Bee Talents) and Training (as Rocket Hive).

🐝 Who are/were our Clients?
Allegro, Brainly, Discovery, Global App Testing, Heineken, Inovo, Netguru, mElements/mBank, Nordcloud, PGS, Playtika, T-Mobile, T-Pay, VISA and more than 150 other Partners!

🐝 What are our communication standards?

    • ongoing contact and responsiveness of our Recruiters
    • reliable and complete information about our Clients’ offers
    • feedback after every stage of the recruitment process.

🐝 We work in:

    • the RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) model - it means that we cooperate directly with our Clients (exclusively), in their internal structure, with maintaining our brand standards. In practice, our recruiters will propose you work for other company.
    • the RF/SF (Retainer Fee/Success Fee) model - we cooperate with our clients (more at once), so you can take a part in many our processes in the same time. In practice, our recruiters will propose you work for other companies.

    • 🐝  We have many jobs offers so you can decide which one of them is the most interesting for you. 

      🐝  Our candidates frequently ask if they can lose something - are we taking a commission for our service, or if the employer can lower their salaries. No worries! There are absolutely no fees for candidates, and we cooperate with our Clients mostly on flat fees which are not related to your salary.
🐝 If you haven't found any exciting offers on our job board, please leave your contact data and basic information about your professional profile here. This will increase chances for a well-tailored offer from us in the future. Just write us what are your priorities, so we can send you well-fitted offers in the future.



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